[OBSOLETE] Hue Advanced (Connect)

Hue Advanced (Connect) is yet another replacement for the standard Hue (Connect) service manager and device handlers.


  • Groups
  • Transition Time
  • Circadian Daylight Integration
  • Effects (colorloop)
  • Colormode attribute
  • Reachable attribute
  • Alert
  • Full Hue API Implementation for lights
  • Bridge Refresh
  • Hue White Ambiance support
  • Proper Color Temperature
  • (Optional) Update Notifications!

Group with Circadian Daylight integration turned on (left) and off (right):

Installation instructions and code can be found here:

I would like to extend a huge thank you to @infofiend for allowing me to work on HGLS, which led to this project, as well as to @Kristopher for allowing me to continue development on Circadian Daylight.



Why does Hue Advanced (Connect) have so many Device Handlers?

I know that some people may want to use Hue Advanced (Connect) but do not use Circadian Daylight, in which case they would not want to have the Circadian Daylight buttons on all of their devices. Due to platform limitations, it is not currently possible to dynamically show/hide tiles so the only solution is duplicate device handlers.

Do I need to install all of the Device Handlers?

From a technical standpoint, you do not need to install the -CD- device handlers if you are not using Circadian Daylight integration, and conversely you do not need to install the non- -CD- device handlers if you are using Circadian Daylight integration. However, for ease of support and upgrades, I strongly suggest installing all of the device handlers.

How do I switch between Circadian Daylight integration being enabled and disabled?

There is an undocumented method for changing device handlers programmatically, so simply toggle the Circadian Daylight setting in the Hue Advanced (Connect) SmartApp!

How can I report a bug or request a feature?

The best way to officially report a bug or feature is to add an issue to the GitHub repository, including the Hue-Advanced label. For a bug, also include the bug label, and for a feature request include the enhancement label.

Any plans to support scenes? If not how would you best use this connect to have different scenes trigger?


@Keo, I have adding scene support added under issues already, however I don’t use scenes personally so I’m not going to make any promises about when support will be added or what features will be included.

It’s a bit hard for me to make suggestions for replicating a feature that I don’t use, but I would thing that using virtual switches with something like Smart Lightning, Rule Machine, CoRE, etc. would be able to basically provide the exact same functionality.

HA… You know those are all good ideas. I never thought of using them this way. Thanks!

I’ve installed your app and will be playing around with it. So far it’s VERY cool. Thanks for the hard work.

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I just merged a few things from my development branch, including some changes from the default Hue (Connect) SmartApp, as well as the ability to automatically change device handlers when enabling and disabling Circadian Daylight integration. I recommend that everyone update (SmartApp and Device Handlers) and let me know if you have any issues!

Does this require the Hue hub or will this connect the bulbs directly to ST?

Right now Im using Sticks18 Advanced Zigbee Hue bulb device type and everything appears to be working well, but may (in the future) want to incorporate Circadian lighting. Ive only got a Bloom and some White light Hue bulbs (non-temp adjustable, but dimmable) that would be controlled by this.


Requires the Hue hub. To be honest, I personally would buy a Hue hub for ~$25 off ebay rather than connecting the bulbs directly to ST…at least with the hub you have a fallback for when ST has platform issues. I know everyone has their own reasons and use cases, but I don’t really see the advantage of bypassing the Hue hub.

That being said, Circadian Daylight should work fine with your bulbs (as long as the capabilities are properly defined in the device handler) for the basic functionality, but you won’t have the Circadian Daylight toggles in each device.

I just tried this and I love it, really appreciate this SmartApps and I can now control my 3rd party light bulb as well as the group defined in Hue Bridge from SmartThings. :smile:

Thanks for the great work @claytonjn!

Now my only issue is that the Smart Lighting automation seems to have limited choice in setting the color, I just can’t get a way to set a defined color sigh. :frowning:

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I have a question regarding the integration of this smart app with the circadian daylight app.

On my individual bulb screens in the app I have the buttons that can turn on and off the individual features of the Circadian Daylight app and if I tap on them I see a notification in the recent activity log that that mode has changed however the actual button doesn’t change from on to off…

I’m wondering if there is something incorrect in my setup or similar. I was using the circadian daylight app prior to installing my hue bulbs, my smartthings accont is linked to github, I have linked to the repositories, and my apps are up to date.

I’m just curious if there is something wonky that I’m missing in my setup.

Thanks for the great apps…

If you open one of your devices from the “My Devices” section in the IDE do you see cdBrightness and/or cdColor under states? If you try the toggles for that device do those variables under states show up or change values?

In the IDE on my devices it does show on the My Devices page for my light however and when I tap the button in the app it toggles the state in the IDE however it isn’t reflecting that state change on the page in the app.


If you open the code for the Hue Advanced -CD- Bulb/Group device handler, does this section match? Do you ever see the CD tiles say “WORKING”?

question when you say remove all Hue bulbs and the Hue (Connect) service manager assume i dont need to remove the bulbs from the HUE bridge?

Yes, that is correct, you only need to remove from SmartThings - you don’t need to change anything with the Hue bridge<–>bulbs. I will clarify in the instructions.

I just checked my device handler and it does have the code above.

I don’t know that I have ever seen the CD tiles say “Working” before.

I am wondering if it has to do with how I have the Circadian App setup in that do have all of my hue bulbs included in the list of color changing bulbs the Circadian daylight app… along with it being selected in the Hue Advanced (Connect) SmartApp and wondering if the Circadian Daylight app is overriding the Adv Connect app?

It’s not a conflict with Circadian Daylight, it only checks the values of those state variables. What device is the SmartThings apps installed on, iOS? Do you have the latest version of the SmartThings app?

I’m running iOS and I’m running Ver:2.1.4 which appears to be the latest ver of the app (per the Latest Announcments).

Out of curiosity, have you tried switching either toggle off, then completely exiting the SmartThings app (swiping it away from the recent apps) and then opening it up again? Also, can you tell if Circadian Daylight is behaving properly in spite of what the tile says (i.e. if under the device in My Devices the state says cdColor: off, does Circadian Daylight properly ignore that device even though the device tile says Circadian Color On)?

By the way, the tiles should switch to “WORKING” as soon as they are tapped, then change to the proper state one it is set.

OK if I toggle it off it seems to successfully disable the functionality of the Circadian Daylight App it just doesn’t reflect on the device page itself.

i.e. the bulb page still shows it as enabled:

it is very strange…