Successfully paired Kudled Color Bulb (Chinese Hue A19 Bulb Copy Cat, $23) with Philips Hue Bridge

Hue bridge v2. Also just realized Siri control won’t work for Kudled bulbs.

Thanks for the tip. I managed to pair the Kudled CT bulbs to my hue bridge v1. INSTANTLY!

Dunno whats wrong with the ST hub. Its seriously screwed.

Next problem is intergration from Hue Bridge to ST is broken.

Seems it dont recognise the CT bulbs. I can discover the Philips Hue Bridge and 2 bulbs connected to it.

But it does not appear as a thing in ST hub.

Oh well!

Finally mounted the 2x CT Kudled ceiling lamps.

Looks nice~ I actually wanted to buy that but I was worrying about the compatibilities with Hue bridge & SmartThings hub, so I went to Ikea and bought ceiling lights that accept E27 light bulb instead.

Meanwhile I am getting additional Kudled colour bulbs and going to keep the CT bulb as contingency.

I paired directly to ST hub. Same device handler as the CT bulb.

But pairing it was… painful… extremely.

Honestly I feel that the pain is not worth it, better use Hue Bridge for the integration.

By the way, I managed to control the Kudled CT light bulb in SmartThings via this Hue Advanced (Connect), and I am very happy with it now. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip.

have paired the remaining stubborn bulbs to a v1 Phillips Hue hub gotten from ebay on the cheap.

Working ok.

I have two of these bulbs working well with Hue and like 80% of the way functional in SmartThings. I am having an issue where if I turn the bulbs off from SmartThings, they do not actually turn all the way off, they dim to like 10%. When I look in the Hue app, it shows the bulbs as on with their dimmers slide to the lowest setting and I can tap on the bulbs from inside the Hue app to power them off without issues. Why is SmartThings insisting on dimming these rather than shutting them off?

Edit: I had some weird Device Type assigned to the Kudled bulbs. Paired them as Hue bulbs and now they are working great. Not bad at all for the price!

Hi have bought this Kudled Zigbee 1.2 HA bulb.
I would really like to pair it with my ST Hub V2 only. Not Hue. I would like to use it as a Zigbee extender.

But it won’t show up as a new “Thing” no matter what. Did the flip switch 5 times, the bulb shows some colors etc.

Any help?

pair to hue, then integrate hue to ST hub.

quick and painless.

But wouldn’t the Kudled bulb be using ZLL then? I would like it to use ZHA 1.2 to extend the Zigbee mesh.

Does anyone know where to buy these now? Seems like they have all dried up.

Hi @Tim_Lillis

You still able get them from link below but they are in Chinese and I heard the Kudled going to joint venture with other company, new production will only start sometime next year (this news to be confirmed)

Did you buy from that link and can vouch for it? Going to see if they ship to the us

Yes, i bought 2 but they are on their way and pending to testing.

Or you may try link below look similar but i do not purchase from them

For non Chinese speakers I found a nice site that has recommended agents to buy and ship for you. I am going to try the taobaoring agent

Hi, does anyone experience on the color loop for kudled bulb?

My bulb seems not working with CoRE, Phillips hue bulb working without any issues.

Bought and integrated another style of kudled ring type bulb to Philips hue.

And from hue connect to smartthings via hue advanced bridge

Where did you get it from?

【Zigbee 智能遥控环形灯创意方向盘调色调光灯泡手机APP远程控制】

Seller will only ship within china. You will need to use a forwarding agent to send to your home country.