New update problems (August 15, 2016)

OK. Part of the update was to change the way that the Hue bridge is polled, so that the status could be updated about every five seconds instead of every five minutes. I know several people have posted that it is working for them, but obviously it’s an area where maybe something could break as well.

Thanks for the details. I guess that’s what’s affecting me

Let us know what happens. I forgot to ask, what type of bulbs are you using with the bridge?

I’m just trying to figure out if there’s a particular configuration where the new polling that they’re doing is being interpreted as an on command.

I have 2nd Gen hue color, white, and light strips. And one bloom

@SBDOBRESCU what devices do you have on your Hue bridge? ( yours is working fine after the have update, right?)

I’m just wondering if the bloom has a different heartbeat and that’s causing a problem after the new polling protocol. But I don’t have any hard data on that, it’s just a thought.

Everything works fine here. Hue bulbs (old color + new white), bloom, ge links…

Ok, so that’s not it. Just the dreaded “some users are affected,” I guess. :disappointed_relieved:

One thing though my Hue and ST are not on the same network to prevent interference between the two meshes. So @dom89 may be right that there could be an issue with both running on the same network.

If you do not have them on the same network, how to you get ST to talk to the Hub to control your lights?

It’s cloud to cloud integration. They don’t need to be on the same network.

SmartThings/Hue integration may have originally been cloud to cloud, but i thought it’s supposed to be LAN now.

@juano2310 any idea why some hub v2 customers Are getting constant on off activity with their v2 hub since the update on August 15 to change the polling behavior, and SmartThings support is telling them they have to remove the hue bridge because it’s causing the problem. (See posts above). But the Hue polling seems to be working fine for other customers.

This is a weird one… My hue devices are working better and faster than ever… As well add my zigbee devices… Since the update.

Though, today things are not wanting to turn off… Not sure what up with that.

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I haven’t worked on hue in a couple of months. It has always been a LAN device. I know @Lars and some members of the hardware team have been working on more frequent pooling.


I would like to add that I am using Hue Advanced (Connect) for my hue connect app if that makes a difference.

Ah. Since the last update completely changed the way polling of the hue bridge works, my guess is that that might indeed be it. Did support say anything about it?

@infofiend @claytonjn are your hue apps working after the August 15 update?

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Will look at details in the morning, but quick answer is no, haven’t noticed any issues with my setup.

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A few people have posted that they now experience lags. I think it’s limited to those on the SmartThings Hub v2. I’m working on an update now. I haven’t seen any noticeable difference on a v1 hub.

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I’m not seeing any lags, at least not with turning things on.

My problem now is that nothing wants to turn off.

I’ll all around, I know there was talk a month or so ago about this being implemented, but the Hue SmartApp also needs to be updated to poll more often then every 5 minutes to take advantage of the new ability. I’m not entirely sure if the changes to Hue (Connect) have actually gone into production yet. Lars submitted a pretty big PR a day or two ago, but it hasn’t been merged yet.

Regardless, this is the first issue I’ve heard of from someone using Hue Advanced (Connect), so I tend to think there’s something else going on, but I’m still looking into it.

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To be sure, I’m not saying your app is causing my issue. I just wanted to mention it so that all variables are known since not everyone is having this problem.