Motion Present/Not Present

Using both IFTTT & ST Motion Detector, I can turn on lights when motion is detected. It would be nice to have a hook to create an action (e.g. turn a light off) when the…motion detection has stopped.

you can use the motion stopped event for automations with the CoRE smartapp.

SmartLighting has this too. Why are you using IFTTT? What lighting are you using?

Im using Philips Hue bulbs with a ST motion sensor. I got IFTTT to turn the light on when the motion was detected by it it remains on. I’d like it to turn off when there is no motion detected.

Don’t use IFTTT that’s just silly and will present an extra layer of complication and potential reliability


Hue has great integration into ST, it will respond much faster. Just use SmartLighting and Hue(connect) from the market place. With basic motion to turn on lights SmartLighting does a fine job.

More complicated rules you may want to look at CoRe, but 95% of my lighting rules are handled by SmartLighting.

Fantastic. Thanks guys. I appreciate your help!

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I just started integrating hue lights to my SmartThings and I would recommend the Hue Advanced Connect (community created smartapp) to integrate with your hue hub.

It also integrates with a Circadian Daylight app created by the same community member.