CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

I’m in Colorado and running the most current version of CoRE.

Cool, both my assumptions were wrong. Go figure… hmmmm then I have no clue. Restarted hub?

This is happening because each individual action is executed simultaneously. So if they were grouped together then they would execute in order. I am drawing a blank on grouping multiple different items

Thanks for the reply. Could I trigger the actions via their own virtual switches and pistons?

I’m unfamiliar with “grouping” actions together, but would it work to create a Beep Virtual Switch, 5 Second Timer Virtual Switch, 3 Minute Timer Virtual Switch, and Armed/Stay Virtual Switch and just toggle them on/off consecutively in my main arming piston which would in turn execute their own individual action pistons?

Try something like the piston posted here Auto Close Garage Door After 15 min open?

I hope someone can help me here:

I’ve got some Securifi SZ-PIR02 motion sensors connected, and working, but there’s a significant (3-5) second delay when I pass the action through to Stringify. I get that delay with other actions too, so I tried to run a rule with CoRE, and it just doesn’t seems to catch anything!

I wrote a Latching Piston:

IF sensor CHANGES TO active AND light IS off
THEN Turn on Light

BUT IF sensor was not active for 5 minutes
THEN Turn off

It’s not firing at all :frowning:

I’m seeing the active/inactive flop in the Events list on the sensor, but nothing is passing into CoRE.

I wonder if this is because the sensor flops back to inactive within 350-400ms?

Any thoughts on how better to trigger this? Should i be using “Changed in the last minute” instead of “changes to active?”

Is there a general issue with CoRE refresh speed?

Another thing I should mention, is that my lights are Hue bulbs, using the Hue Advanced Device Handler

Give this a shot… It will do everything you want.

If you’re using Alexa take a look at EchoSistant. I’m about to release version 4 and it incorporates voice control with exit delays and the keypads… As well as entry delays.

Can anybody help please?

Set a boolean variable true on the initial push and use that as condition for the piston. Something like below.

Doorbell is pushed
Variable isPushed is false
Using location...
  > Set boolean variable isPushed = true (immeadiately set)
  > Your other tasks go here
  > Wait 15 secs
  > Set boolean variable isPushed = false
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You could possibly use the (sorry if not exact nomenclature, I don’t have my phone on me right now) the “WAS” command in CoRE. Something like:

IF Contact changes to open
Contact WAS closed for at least 5 seconds

Something along those lines maybe?

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Any advice on this? I can delete and re-create the piston (hopefully), but I am worried that something is wrong with CoRE itself to prevent me from OPENING a piston to edit it. CoRE works, several other pistons work, but these two pistons can’t even be opened or edited.

I have not seen this one before, are you on most current version?

I’ve tried that. Have also tried removing the CoRE Smartapp from the
Smartthings app, but that didn’t sold the problem. Any other suggestions?

And if you are responding to me, I believe I am on the latest version:

def version() { return “v0.3.169.20170104” }

I’ve got one I can’t figure out. Basically I want a light to turn on after sunset and turn off before sunrise. The piston does not seem to work. Any ideas? Am I using the wrong mode?

Just use a simple piston
Date and time between Sunset and Sunrise.
Turn On.
Turn Off.
You can put an offset into the sunst and sunrise.

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Thank you! I’ll try that.

I’m sure you realise but in mine I have used when true and when false.
This can be done by enabling expert mode.

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Seems like the task evaluate the variable before change instead of the new one, causing the wrong event to be fired off. Please help

Hello, Hoping I can get some assistance, trying to setup a piston for my camera. Camera is at front door and has preset positions for Door, Stairs and Door # 2. Here is what I want it to do.
Camera is always at Position 1 before and after piston is run.
When Stairs Motion 2 goes active I want the camera to pan to position 2
When Stairs Motion 2 goes inactive return to position 1.
When door opens camera to position 3 and pan down
When door closes camera to position 1
When Hallway motion 2 goes active camera to position 3
When Hallway motion 2 goes inactive camera to position 1.

I can do this with multiple pistons, but want it all in one.

Hoping somebody can assist?