Double Tap for GE Z-Wave Plus Dimmer (#46203)

I just purchased the newest GE Z-Wave Plus Dimmer (#46203) and want to set up double (or more) tap functionality. I have Webcore set up but am brand new to both that and SmartThings in general. I found some old posts for earlier versions of the dimmer but I’m not sure if those apply. Any help would be appreciated!

You will need a custom dth for double tap functionality.

I think this dth may work:

Can you explain how to set up the DTH? These instructions to set one up seem to be outdated.

  • Log onto your account at
  • Click on My Device Handlers tab at the top
  • Click Settings button
  • (unsure if you need to first create a Github account… its been a long time since my first custom DTH…)
  • Under Owner/Name/Branch, fill in nuttytree/Nutty-SmartThings/master
  • Click Save
  • Click Update from Repo -> Select Nutty-SmartThings
  • Select GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Dimmer Switch check box
  • Click the Publish check box
  • Click Execute Update button
  • Click the My Devices tab
  • Find your Dimmer Switch and click it
  • Scroll down to Edit button
  • Change the Type* to GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Dimmer Switch
  • Click Update button

You will now be able to use the custom device handler.
I had to install WebCORE in order to make use of the double tap how I wanted.

FYI, in WebCORE, the double tap up is called Button #1 and double tap down is called button #2.


Awesome, thank you! I’ll try this tonight when I get home. Out of curiosity, can you only do 2 taps or can you take it further like other scene capable switches?

Sorry. I’ve only tried double taps. To me, the device handler only appears to have ability for 1 or 2 taps.

It looks as if everything installed as intended. However, I’m not sure how to set up the multi tap features after the last step. Any guidance would be appreciated!

Here is an example of what I set up for my main floor to turn on/off all the lights when double tapped.
Not sure why the anonymizer calls the switch “White Bulb” but that is indeed the GE/Jasco switch.

I clicked the link and it says “Access Denied”. Any guess as to why?
Can you copy the code here?

Try the one I updated - link in this thread [RELEASE] GE/Jasco 46203 Dimmer Switch