Jasco dimmers support minimum dim and true switch mode

I’ve been sitting on this for awhile awaiting more details from Jasco. But the rep that shared the info initially with me seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth.

I won’t bore you with details, but this is basically all you need to know.

Confirmed in firmware 5.26+
Param16: Switch Mode
1 bit
0 = full range dimmer
1 = standard on/off switch (no ramping)

Param20: Minimum Dim Level
0 to 99
Can be overridden by a Zwave command directly setting the level.

I made simple edits to the nuttytree handler to incorporate these and have been using on a number of devices for 2 months. Feel free to use as you see fit!

I’ll share my DH if anyone needs.


Hey Bradlee!

Would it be possible for you to share your DH that uses Param20 to set the minimum dim level on these dimmers? I managed to score some recessed LED lights that drop out under a certain dim level and it’s a pain to get them down without them going out :slight_smile: I can make it work but I have kids and seniors in my house that get confused.


DH is here:

It’s a crude edit of an existing handler for my own needs. This should work on any previous style Z-Wave Plus dimmers from Jasco/GE/Honeywell. The newer devices changed some of the parameter numbers.

Thanks for the tip. I’ve been regretting some of the dimmers I purchased (who needs to dim their closet light).

Thanks for this!

I tried tinkering with this tonight but it seems that the minimumDim doesn’t seem to work with the firmware in this switch that I bought about 2 months ago. It also the switch reached back and reset the minimumDim to a default value of 3 with some click combinations.

I’ll continue to tinker tomorrow.

Thanks again!

I put dimmers everywhere so you don’t hear the click of standard switches. The dimmers have a switch mode parameter to effectively turn them into a switch if required. Instant on/off with no ramping.

What is the firmware? They may have moved the parameters as they did in the new style devices.

New Minimum Dim param is 30. You could try editing 20 to 30 in each reference to min dim.

This really makes me wonder what all the rest of the params are. 5,6,13,14,15, etc.

Also, I too made my own DH based on Nuttys, but I didn’t like the look of all the “buttons” on the screen, so I made them all settings. Let me know if anyone is interested. The only buttons mine has are on/off, dimmer, refresh, double tap up and double tap down.

Hello. I am new to this and have no idea. Where on this dh do I change parameter 16 from 0 to 1. I want to change the dimmer to act like a switch.

Thank you!!


First of all, what model dimmer and firmware are you on? You may need to edit the DH since Jasco moved some of the unpublished parameters around in the new switches.

Anyway, click the button in this pic.

My dimmer is a 14294 and it has 5.29 listed. How do I get to that screen? I copy and pasted your code and created a device handler. I assumed that I changed the parameter inside the code itself and just updated the dimmer. That’s about all I know so far. I’ve tried creating a smart app with the code and get an error message.



You’re also supposed to be able to change from dimmer to switch with a five on/five off sequence:

Yes that worked! The dimmers are now instant on and instant off from the switch. However they still slowly ramp up, and down from my SmartThings app or Alexa. Is there a way to have instant on and off when being controlled remotely??

Thank you!!


Set steps/delays to their lowest settings.

Thanks! I just figured out there is a Smart Things Classic app, and that’s where the “gear” settings is located that I’ve been reading about. I had the newer version which Im guessing isn’t as flexible.

Thanks again for the help. Much appreciated!!


on my device GE 14294 dimmer (fw 5.29) param 6 allows slow ramp for set level commands (zwave) default is instant.

Sucks having these configs that aren’t documented

param size description
6 1 Description: Dim up/down rate Adjust the speed at which the ramps to a specific value other than 0 and FF
Value description
0 Dim up/down the light to the specified level quickly by command except value 0 and FF
1 Dim up/down the light to the specified level slowly by command except value 0 and ff

I’m new to device handlers. Can anyone help me with the following error:

Perhaps your settings aren’t filled out for Zwave Steps and Zwave delay? Make sure you fill out those settings.

What specific model device are you using this on?

Honeywell 39351