Device Handler for GE Dimmer Switches with Settings for All Options

I have created a new device handler for GE Dimmer Switches. It is a copy of the standard SmartThings “Dimmer Switch” that is normally used for the GE Dimmers but adds the ability to change all of the “advanced” features (Indicator Light, Invert Switch, Z-Wave Dim Steps, Z-Wave Dim Delay, Manual Dim Steps, and Manual Dim Delay). In the past I have used the “Pablo Dimmer Switch” to set these but the perfectionist in me didn’t like the hacky nature of that solution. Other than the added settings this has no difference from the standard handler so for day to day use I suggest using the standard handler and only use this to update settings.


Does this have the capability to ramp up/down when setLevel is issued from ST, rather than the immediate change from one dim level to another?

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will it also work with the GE Zigbee dimmers ? thanks

See this

Try this

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Am I missing something? When I set a new level from the ST app it goes instantly to the new level just like the stock dimmer DTH does.

@nuttytree… Installed yours and get this error after going into device settings and hitting Done. All of the fields are populated.

No this is a Z-Wave DTH.

The only change from the standard is the ability to change the options on the switch itself (Explanation here: ). It does not modify how ST controls the device. I can try looking into that posibility.

I got that once also (I have only used this with 2 switches so far). I was able to get by it by deleting the value in each field and then filling it in again. I think it might have something to do with using defaults. I just installed another switch so I will try not having defaults configured and see if that fixes it. If it does I will upload the updated code.

I updated the code to not have defaults for the values. All fields are still required. Let me know your opinions on that, I could change them to not required and update the code to only set options on the switch that had a value set in the settings.

Is there a similar device handler for the Linear WD500z-1? I would love to get access to the same functions but I have all Linear switches. thx.


On screen 3 buttons with preset values.

Adjustable ramping.

Both above items have to be set.

On screen button for inverting indicating light.

Not my DH. Just pointing to another option. Use whatever you like.

Looks like Stock DH was updated a few days ago.

Great job with this! What I found with the parameters is that you actually have to put a leading zero the first time you go in and hit “Done”, even if you didn’t change them. I modified it for my own use and put the ranges in the titles and added the all-on/all-off steps and delays.

Do you mind sharing your code? I can update my GitHub repository with your improvements.

@nuttytree Any way the LED parameter can be ported for a gocontrol WD500Z-1?
I tried your DTH & the swap up/down options worked, however the LED control did not impact. So I am guessing it’s just a matter of a different variable maybe?

The manual states Parameter 3 needs to be 1 to change LED to on when load on.
0 for on when load off (default)

Any chance you could modify? I was looking at the code & not completely sure exactly where to modify.

Any update on the code? I am about to order 9 of these switches would love to have this working. I have one right now and I get that done error.

I am going to try to get some coding done tomorrow. I plan to implement the extra settings I missed in the first version and fix the Done issue with this handler. I am also going to start working on creating a handler for the new GE Z-Wave Plus switch that I just got that will respond to the double tap feature and allow you to add/remove associations. I am also supposed to get a GE Z-Wave Plus dimmer on Monday so I plan to create a similar handler for that as well. As a work around until then if you delete the value in each field and then put it back you don’t get the error.

I should probably order those instead of the standard ones. Do they come in dimmer model?

They do, they are a little more expensive than the non-plus models. The big advantages (other than they claim to be faster which I haven’t tested) are the ability to associate them to another device and have that device turn on, off, and dim with the switch and the native double tap feature. I plan to only use the plus models where I have a use for one of these features.

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