[OBSOLETE] GE/Jasco 46203 ZW3010 Dimmer Switch

Awesome. If you send me the line for the raw data in your IDE I can add it to the fingerprint so it imports the handler to the device automatically for people.

Yes it will work in webcore. The only thing is in the drop down in webcore, only “pushed” and “held” are options.
You need to do an “expression” and type in the new values manually in the field, like “down_2x” “up_3x” etc, like this:

Got it, will give it a try! Thanks!

Wait. Triple-tap you say??

Yeah its pretty cool. The newer 46 series jasco switches have central scene control that triggers with triple tap

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I may have to go pick up a few to play with!

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This might be a stupid question but what is the Minimum and Maximum Brightness Threshold settings used for? Does this control how bright and dim the light will get when dimming them? For example if I want full range dimming capabilities should I set the min at 1 and the Max at 99? Also can you control the ramp rate where it instantly turns the light to what is was last on or is the only option to have it dim quickly or slowly?

Hello, will this device handler work with the new Honeywell Zwave dimmer that has the quick fit and simple wire? They seem to be the same switch…just branded differently.

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There are no stupid questions :slight_smile:
You are exactly right the min dim is the lowest it will allow the light to go to, and max is brightest it will allow to go to. Setting min to 1 and max to 99 (which is default) allows full range. Some LED bulbs don’t function below a certain minimum so that could be handy for those.

I wish you could control the ramp rate at initial turn on, but it doesn’t seem possible. The dim quickly or slowly does that on a set level command only. IE - webcore, some automation, or Alexa/Voice sets it to 70%. Depending on how that setting is toggled, it either instantly goes to 70%, or fades up or down to 70% from what it was. Just as an FYI, the Inovelli dimmer switches do let you control the initial ramp rate from the switch, and have many more customizable settings.

Correction - I thought you tried with the Honeywell already when I first posted, but yes, it should work. They are identical configuration parameters. They also both use the ZW3010 model number.

As far as configuration parameters, All Zwave devices must be certified by the Zwave alliance, and their website lists all “official” configuration parameters. This custom handler allows setting all of them. Below is a link to them all with additional information on what they mean. Jasco has been known though to have extra “unofficial” parameters, but I’m unaware of any for this particular switch. If anyone knows of any other parameters, or solution to this ramp setting at the switch, please let me know.

Thanks for the detailed response. Just one follow up question about the 70%. Do you mean if you tell Alexa to turn the light on without specifying the dimming percent it will always go to 70% dim level when it turns on from the voice command? Sorry for the dumb questions but this will be my first dimmer switch. I have a a bunch of regular smart switches so I’m just trying to figure out the dimmer switches now.

I just re-read your comment and I think your just saying that if I told Alexa to dim to 70% she would either dim slowly or fast from the previous setting to 70%. If I told Alexa to dim to 90% it would dim slowly or fast from the previous setpoint to 90%. Is this correct?

The best way to describe it is imagine the light is already on at 80%. Then you tell Alexa to set it to 20% because you want it dimmer. If fast dim is enabled, the light will instantly decrease to 20%. Slow dim and the light will slowly fade to 20%. It will quickly or slowly brighten to a different level as well.

If you tell Alexa to just turn the light on without specifying a level it will come on at whatever it was at before you turned it off, unless you specifically say “Alexa, set light to 70%”, then it overrides the prior setting and comes on at 70%.

Thanks you for answering my questions. I understand what your saying now. This Info will help when setting up my Honeywell switches.

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Hey Patrick, did you ever try it with the 46202? I have 2 on order and I’m hoping it does.

My new 46203 has the following:

mfr:0063 prod:4944 model:3235 ver:5.54

Everything seems to be working fine using Smart Lighting. I even have my kitchen dimmer turning on the dining room dimmer with up_3x. The Smart Lighting scripts even work from the add-on switch in a 3-way setup. Brilliant!

You rock Tim!


Yes! Works great.

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This device handler is fantastic. I do have one question, when I turn the light off at the switch it always slow fades to off. Is there any way or setting that can be enabled for an instant off rather than a fade off. Keep in mind I’m not looking to disable the dimming functions I’m just looking for a way to not have it fade when turning off.

When I turn the light on it instantly goes to max brightness.

Thanks glad it can help. The link below has all the official parameters listed with the zwave alliance for this switch. The DTH i updated should allow anyone to change all these settings. Unfortunately, there is no setting to change the “slow fade off” at the switch. It has been discussed on other forums/threads and it appears this is the way the firmware handles it. So short of a new firmware update from Jasco, or some unofficial hidden setting I’m not aware of, this can’t be changed.


Thanks for the clarification Tim. Appreciated.

@mwav3 thank you for continuing development for this. I have this DH and it works great:

I see in Group 3 in the settings it can control devices when it’s double tapped up OR double tapped down. However, I have two virtual momentary buttons that are always on (don’t hold on/off state). The virtual momentary buttons control startup and shutdown of my media room. I need to code the double tap up to press the momentary switch to startup the media room, and the double tap down to shutdown the media room.

Based on how it currently works it will hit both as they are both on and will only work by either starting up the media room or shutting it down. Is there a way to separate this out? Even some codes changes for a one off DH would be appreciated. I’ve read through it but am not well versed enough to say “create a group 4 that is dedicated to turning on by double tapping up” and “create a group 5 that is dedicated to turning on by double tapping down”

FYI, the virtual momentary switches call an Alexa routine to start after Alexa sees them “open” so must stay open at all times. It works very reliably this way.


Disregard the above, I just had to look better :stuck_out_tongue:

This is awesome, and works like so. Thanks!!

@mwav3 Hi! I just discovered this thread and have the UltraPro branded ZW3010 installed around my house. I installed the DTH, went into a few of my dimmers and edited the device and switched to your latest DTH. I have the new IF clauses (toggled up 2 times, etc) in Smartthings, but it doesn’t seem to be registering the pushes. How can I troubleshoot? Is it possible the UltraPro versions can’t handle it? Is there firmware I need to upgrade? Thanks for any troubleshooting you can offer!

@RCH Did you try the UltraPro versions and get them to work with this DTH?