[OBSOLETE: [BETA MILESTONE 2] CoRE (Community's own Rules Engine)

UPDATE 1/12/2017: CoRE is now in the process of being heavily streamlined (reference to @bamarayne) into a web controllable app. There will be no updates to this version of CoRE other than critical updates. An update will be posted here when the new SE (Streamlined Edition LOL) version is available for the public. We’re close to hitting alpha stage.

UPDATE 9/28/2016: CoRE has moved on to Release Candidate. Please kindly follow us here.

Continuing in the BETA process of CoRE (milestone 1 topic here), we’ve now moved to BETA MILESTONE 2. This is all about crushing those bugs and speeding up those pistons you’re having trouble with. While absolutely necessary additions will occur here and there, adding features is NOT the main focus of M2.

WARNING: As mentioned before, this SmartApp is in a BETA development stage and may be quirky. It may also change rapidly and drastically, involving a full reset of the app in order to upgrade.

It is not recommend to install this SmartApp in a “production” environment, but we encourage people to try it out.

Official wiki is here. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s a good starting point.

IMPORTANT: This topic addresses bugs and errors encountered while using CoRE. If you need general assistance with setting up a piston, please do so at CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

IMPORTANT: When posting a possible bug/error - please post the version of your CoRE, a picture of your piston and any logs if available. When confirmed as a bug, a new issue should be created in github to ensure it gets tracked down and resolved. It is recommended that you always run the latest version of CoRE to ensure that the bug you may be experiencing hasn’t already been fixed.

The SmartApp can be installed via GitHub integration into your IDE or can be found here

To install the SmartApp using GitHub integration, go to your IDE, go to SmartApps, tap on Settings and Add new repository with ady624 / CoRE / master in the three fields. Then use the Update from Repo button. Make sure you either tick the Publish option while updating from the repository, or publish the app after each update.

NOTE: It is not required, nor necessary to donate to use this SmartApp. This is a free open source software and it is my way to pay my dues to those before me. But if you feel like it, you can donate here.

Thank you


@ady624 Wait (random) doesn’t wait.

Basic piston on v0.2.13a.20160812

Time is not between sunrise and sunset
Doorbell Activity switch changes to on
Wait 5-15 seconds
Turn on Master Hallway Light
Wait 5-10 minutes
Turn off Doorbell Activity and Master Hallway Light

When testing, I’ll turn on the Doorbell Activity switch and it will turn back off within seconds, but the hallway light doesn’t turn on. I removed the turn off portion and the light comes on immediately when the Doorbell Activity switch changes to on. I believe the Wait (random) is not working correctly so the hallway light is turning on and immediately turning off before it physically turns on. I did delete the piston and recreate it with no success.

I recommend posting a picture of that piston. I am using Wait (random) and it always works as expected. Make sure the Wait and the Turn on/off are both in the same action, not separate actions. But again, piston picture would be needed.

Progress! :sunglasses: Sent you a donation @ady624, thanks for your hard work on this!

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Thank you, I really appreciate it, your donation will be wisely spent. School time of the year I believe? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Nah, drinks!


Good choice! :beer: :wine_glass: :cocktail: :tropical_drink: :beers:


Ok, that makes sense, so am I misunderstanding something? They are separate actions because I wait uses the location and turning switches on and off doesn’t.

Do you prefer to have issues submitted here or in Github?

All of the actions run at the same time, so you are simultaneously running two countdowns and turning on/off lights. One action does not follow another. You need to set your first action up to say Using Master Hallway Light, Wait 5-15 Seconds then Turn On. Your second action should be Using Doorbell Activity etc, Wait 5-10 minutes then Turn off. You will find “Wait” actions under the switch capability too, not just under Location.

Here’s an example of what it should look like…

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Alcohol kills bugs. Now I know what you meant when you said you’ll be focusing on bugs after reaching milestone 2


Wait, what? (presses fists against eyes to gain a clearer vision, then hiccups heavily)


Yeah, that makes sense. I wasn’t expecting wait to be under the list of tasks for the switches themselves.


Everything location can do is available to devices too

Is there a release notes file for beta 2. What’s new what’s changed.

Be good for testing and using.

Thanks. And great product so far.

Updated and observing … Good job Ady - question any talks with ST to officially getting it published?

github best place as can easily get lost in long threads

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Given the very rapid releases, there is no technical difference between v0.1.139 and v0.2.13a. The M2 designation is just a step in the process.

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Yes. ST is great at helping and offering support. Tim wants this published.


@ady624 Are the Begin Case Block or Begin Switch Block working? I was trying to figure out how to do some switching to have multiple Good Morning messages and have CoRE randomly select one.

They are working, yeah. Use a begin switch, as many begin case as you need and then end switch. No need for breaks