Motion detection during certain times not working

I’m using a built-in smartapp to turn on lights when the motion detector senses presence. The additional options in the app allow you set the time range when you want the app to trigger but it doesn’t seem to work. I initially put 5am to 10am but found it didn’t work. I think it was working for 5 PM to 10 PM but not sure. I changed the settings to be 5 PM to 10 AM (opposite of what I want) and the lights come on every time motion is detected. So, basically the time range doesn’t seem to work. Any idea how I can get this working? I actually want 2 different actions - one for the morning time range (fan on, bright lights) and a second one for the evening (no fan, dim lights). Maybe there is another smart app that works better? Or do I need to write one?

It should work, although there have been some flaky problems with the platform over the last day or so. It’s possible you ran into that.

Can you post screenshots of what you have set up now?

Here you go. Let me know if you see something wrong. I’ve been using the app for several weeks with the settings like this but would really like to get it working right. the Fan and Bright lights at 3 AM is freaking out the wife.

If I change the time to 5AM to 10 AM the lights don’t come on in the morning at all. the current settings the lights come on any time motion is detected.


So you’re using Smart Lighting for this? You would need two different automations, then, one for each time period. But I’m not sure why the first one isn’t working.

The alternative would be to use core, which is a very sophisticated community created rules engine and can do pretty much anything including stacked conditionals with ors and ands and nots, so you shouldn’t have to write your own code. Very popular with power users with a technical background, Here’s the thread for that:

Meanwhile, though, I don’t see anything wrong with what you got. Are both of the devices dimmable? You might try doing it with just one dimmer switch and see if that makes a difference.