[OBSOLETE: [BETA MILESTONE 2] CoRE (Community's own Rules Engine)

Does anyone have a Netatmo rain gauge device. I ask because I don’t believe the attributes of this device have made it to CoRE.

Any ideas?

CoRE displays all attributes it finds. If it does not know them, it tries to determine their type. If it cannot, it treats them as strings. But it does allow selection of them. Hint: you need expert mode for the Attribute field to be displayed.

I think I asked the question incorrectly. When I go to CoRE I cannot find the rain gauge because I don’t know its device type.

Look in the DTH, see what capabilities it declares?

metadata {
	definition (name: "Netatmo Rain", namespace: "dianoga", author: "Brian Steere") {
	capability "Sensor"
        attribute "rain", "number"
        attribute "rainSumHour", "number"
        attribute "rainSumDay", "number"
        attribute "units", "string"
        command "poll"
	}`indent preformatted text by 4 spaces`
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Ok, forced capability Sensor to show - it had no default attribute which is why it never made it in. You will have to choose the attribute though, since that’s not part of the capability (Sensor declares no attribute and no command - seems to be a generic placeholder for all sensors). Maybe @slagle can talk @Jim into adding a Rain Sensor capability?

The DTH should also declare the Polling capability, since it is clearly capable to Poll… :smiley:

v0.2.13b.20160814 - Beta M2 - Forced capability Sensor to show (no default attribute in documentation)

The wait commands do not work for me. Even the very simple turn on switch then wait 30 seconds then turn off switch does not work. It just does not wait and executes both switch on and off at the same time.

I am on the lattest version but i had the same problem in the previous version. I have put all the tasks in the same task of the piston as suggested by Adi.

Any idea of what could be the problem? I am using the UK smartthings.



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Can you please a picture? Thank you

They need to look like this:

Using device...
   Turn on
   Wait some time
   Turn off

NOT like this:

Using device...
   Turn on
Using device...
   Wait some time
Using device...
   Turn off

@ady624 I think there is an issue with the comparison on Modes…

What my rule looks like…

Built under 131, I am now running 139…

When I go into edit it, the comparison is now blank:

Option for “Is One Of” is no where to be found for Mode or Location mode…

If this is the case, this may have caused my lights to flick on and off in my living room all night last night… lol…

I am not on the latest code dump, at least I think, not sure if this is only in 139… but figured I would point it out to make sure it doesn’t carry forward…

EDIT: Just updated to 2.13b, it appears “IS ONE OF” is not an option for Mode, which appears to have been previously.

Is this negating the previously defined mode restrictions when that comparison is used?

Version: v0.2.13b.20160814

If CoRE is updated and published while the “wait 10 minutes” is active, it will never set the local variable back to false, and the only way (That I have found) to reset the variable is to delete and re-init as false.

Not entirely sure if this is a problem that can be fixed, but it could be made easier to deal with by adding in a way to set the state of a variable rather than deleting/re-init.

:edit: Also, when the variable is deleted/re-init, it doesn’t count as a “state change only” if the event of changing the variable to false again changes the state from false to true.

They may have to. The sensor does not appear under the Sensor capability in the beta

I will look into that. One of applies to enums but I think only if there are at least three options?

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I have 4 modes defined - Home, Away, Night, Out of Town - I know that ‘Is One Of’ was there previously for Modes,wasn’t sure if it’s departure was purposeful or not.

Do you know what behavior one could expect in the situation as described? Would the restriction no longer be effective? That seems to be what occurred.

I don’t know why the is one of is missing. Did not remove it. Can you create a blank piston and add one condition for Mode and see if it is there? Then, create one for Location Mode and see if it is there?
Thank you

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OH SUPER WEIRD. You were right it is there on a fresh piston.

And now, when I go back into the piston where it was not previously it shows. I assure you I edited several pistons and went to the mode and even changed it to location mode and back and it was not giving me that option.

What can possibly cause that? Besides my own senility.

Android? Are. You. Using. Android.

Yup… I am

Android or st’s android app?

I think that the issues with core wait command could be related to the uk users. Is there any other UK user using CoRE? Can you use the Wait commands?

Also the grapgh API is different for us, i am not able to see those nice graphs with colors showing your routine steps on the dashboard. We only see the list of pistons and the list of variables.



I’m in UK and using CoRE with wait commands.
Work OK for me.
What type of issue do you have?
Here is part of a very simple one of mine.

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Jim doesn’t really control capabilities. But, if you detail what the rain sensor capability would do and what attributes you think it should have we can bring that back internally.