Awesome SmartApp: Mood Cube (with critical bug)

The hue/saturation is in the following format:

Red: 100/100

I have no idea what you just said there …


So … uh, what are colors like green, blue, etc.? How would I have otherwise calculated this 100/100 value … short of coming to the community forums?

This is how I get the value, change the color of the bulb manually via smartthings app, then view the live logging via IDE, then I pick up the hue and saturation values I want.

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Would you mind sharing the core app?


Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I meant the Piston, I have core but am pretty new to it.

On my setup, I’m also using Hue Lights, Groups, and Scenes app and device handlers because the color scenes can be saved as virtual buttons, which change the colors of groups of lights very quickly. Here’s a pic of how my piston is set up:

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Yes, so am I!

Thank’s for sharing your piston structure, I’ll give it a go…

This is a great idea. I like the idea of using CoRE pistons to do the grunt work (more flexibility in the result of each turn.)
Since the output of the tilt sensor is more than just the 6 positions, can the device be placed in, say, a dodecahedron? Has anyone used the knock sensor with it?

Ok, I have tried setting the Mood Cube app up with virtual (momentary) switches, not happy with the results. Tried to use it directly with HUE lights through the hub. When flipping it, it cycles through all of the modes and sometimes they get stuck. (Lagged out of sequence commands I think.)

Could a debounce timeout be put into the code so that the commands don’t start until the cube is stationary? Or say N seconds after movement starts?

Is there a way to trigger on a condition, wait a duration and then evaluate a case test?

If movement (
Wait 5 seconds
If case 1 (
Do this
)else if case 2 (
Do that
)else if case 3 (
Do something else

Hey, looking at your piston and struggling to replicate it. Trying to move my Mood Cube over to CORE. Would you describing the piston type and how you’ve nested multiple then statements? Any guidance would be awesome!

Here’s my setup for that.

The x LR buttons are Hue scenes I’ve imported into SmartThings using Hue B, although Hue…Oh My worked the same way too. I don’t think the stock Hue handler can do scenes, so you may have to redo your Hue Lights if you’re still on that handler.

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Thanks for the reply - I understand you importing the scenes, makes pefect sense.

Regarding the nesting of the THEN statements within the larger IF, is this achieved in a single piston or is this one piston referring to other pistons? Apologies as this is a CORE question rather than a Mood Cube question:

Send me on my way if you would prefer me to ask the CORE peer assisted support thread.

All achieved in a single basic piston. You’ll select the sensor in the Mood Cube as the device CoRE is assigning actions to, and then keep adding multiple conditions under “is true” for the orientation of the cube.

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What current sensors on the market can be used with this app? Is it only the smartthings multi sensor?

Any sensor that reports orientation. The ST Multi is the one commonly used, I don’t know of any other.

So is this working for anyone? When trying to set up the built in Mood Cude smartapp, I get a blank page instead of a configuration page. In the Android app, I select it from the Marketplace -> Lights and Switches -> Mood Cube. I can fill in the first page, then the next page just loads blank. Clicking save on it “Error - bad state. Unable to complete page configuration”

if you are using webcore, try this