Smart lighting improvement

Hello community, I am wondering if a bright mind can help me create a smart app. I use the Smart Lighting smart app, but I would like to add a delay. Here is my application.

I have my thermostat linked to virtual switches – AC, Heat, Fan, and Off. I would like the thermostat to move from AC to off when certain doors are opened and then switch back to AC when closed. This is working currently. I am trying to add a delay of 3 minutes to the AC turning back on when the doors are closed so my AC unit doesn’t cycle off and on so quickly (an example being 1 of those doors opening and closing in a very short period of time).

Can somebody help me?


I would take a look at @ady624 's CoRE. There’s a steep learning curve but it is definitely worth it in the end. The possibilities in the end become endless.