[OBSOLETE] Aeotec TriSensor

I won’t be converting the Aeotec TriSensor DTH into an Edge Driver, but it should work fine with the built-in driver

This is a device type handler for the Aeotec TriSensor (ZWA005-A)

The inclusion seems to take a little longer than normal so wait a few minutes before attempting to perform the inclusion steps again.



Hi Kevin

So far looks ok but motion seems to be stuck plus no reporting back to graph… I am using the UK version mind you…

Try removing the device and joining it again.

I received 2 of these devices, but I had to return one of them because it would join and work fine for the first 10-15 minutes and then it would stop communicating with the hub.

This is great, thank you for creating this device handler.
One question: when I make configuration changes, those changes never seem to make their way to the Aeotec TriSensor. I see “2 Pending Changes”, that are never pushed. Is there a way to force the configuration changes to be applied?

Seems to work great. Quick question. I really want to use this to track luminance in the basement (so did a kid leave a light on). Is there a way to have it primarily display lux instead of motion, both on the main screen and on the tile on the “favorites” screen? Even just an “on” and “off” based on some lux level (that I could figure out by turning the lights on and off downstairs). Thoughts?

In theory they should sync when the device wakes up which can be done by holding the z-button for a couple of seconds. The device should also wake up automatically every 4 hours.

If you open live logging and wake the device up it will show which settings are pending. I don’t have the final firmware so it’s possible they changed something which is causing this problem.

Hi Sean,

Any luck with unsticking the motion? I’m getting the same issue.


Is it still reporting temp and light or is it completely unresponsive?

If you open live logging, tap refresh and then wake the device up, does it report anything?

Hi Kevin,

I am getting temp and light reporting. I also get the green LED flash with motion. Just don’t get the motion reporting. Stuck on motion being active. Aeotec helpdesk emailed with a procedure which I tried but cannot not change. I’ve also removed and reinstalled a few times.

I’ve got 4 pending changes (was 20 when I reinstalled but got that down by waking) but it has been stuck on 4 since yesterday.

Live logging does report changes - pressing refresh returns “The senor data will be refreshed the next time the devices wakes up. …”.


Remove // from the log.trace line which is at the very bottom of the code. Then open live logging and set the motion off a few times and post the logging data.

While you have live logging open, wake the device up and then post the live logging data which will show which settings are stuck.

Success. I just needed to be patient.

Hi Kevin,

Sometime today, pending changes dropped to 0, motion reporting started but intermittently but now seems to be reporting properly. Will monitor.

Thanks for taking time out to help.


I just had to be patient for mine to update the changes. Unit now outside monitoring but I will monitor the battery usage and adjust accordingly.

Great work on the DH but I’ll feedback as I go.

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Kevin, I too am experiencing the problem of the Aeotec TriSensor not communicating with my SmartThings Hub. After a few hours I see “This device is unavailable” in the SmartThings app. I’m having this problem with two TriSensors in my home. I’m able to take the sensor off the wall, open it and press the button to wake it up, but I’m not keen to do this every day.

I’m leaning toward returning them and using the Zooz 4-in-1 I have elsewhere in my home. Did you figure out what the issue was? Or, truly a problem with the Aeotec sensor?

SmartThings reporting the device is offline is different then the other issue of it no longer reporting motion.

I believe the motion no longer reporting is a bug in the firmware, but the “device offline” message is related to the Health Check feature and it’s possible there’s a bug in my handler.

I should be getting a device with the latest firmware soon and that will help me troubleshoot these issues.

Does your sensor show pending changes? What do you have the light reporting interval set to? What do you have the wake up interval set to (assuming I included that as a setting)

Hi Kevin,

Trisenor has been working fine - everything being reported via the Smartthings app. But every 24 hours or so - it seems to freeze - no more reports. A battery pull brings it back to life!

I personally think there’s a firmware bug, but you could try lowering the reporting intervals to see if that makes a difference.

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Are most people having success with the new sensor playing nice with smartthings?

I just started using this device handler. It works well, except that I’m still struggling with light sensor calibration. My light meter reads about 15x lower than the TriSensor no matter what I enter for the “Light Calibrated Coefficient”. I used the formula k=Vs/Vm * 1024 to determine the coefficient.

That’s what the light calibration setting is for, but it will probably take a lot of trial and error to get it to match your light meter…