Aeotec TriSensor - Incorrect Device

I just received a new Aeotec TriSensor today. I can pair it with my SmartThings hub just fine, but it always gets configured as an “Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7 Basic.”

I’ve selected the Aeotec TriSensor and the Generic Motion Sensor, but it always gets configured as the Door/Window sensor. It is using the DTH, not the Edge Driver. I cannot use the Groovy IDE to install the Kevin LaFramboise custom DTH as the DTH installation feature is now disabled.

I’ve done a factory reset twice, but still get the same incorrect DTH when I pair the device to the network.

I’ve spent over two hours this evening trying to get it to work and I’m nowhere. Every time I try it gets configured as a Door/Window 7 sensor. This is so frustrating!


I have just installed one of these using the Edge driver. Probably best to do this as DTH will be going away soon.

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Are you using the Aeotec Edge driver? You can find it here

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Thanks. Peter – I never before found that web page to enroll my hub into the Edge Drivers. Thanks. I did the TriSensor enrollment to my ST Hub.

Peter & Hundredth…After struggling for a long time this morning and resetting the TriSensor to factory a couple times, it FINALLY gave me me the option of using the TriSensor Edge Driver (I think – at least it showed “TriSensor” to me). That’s the first time it’s done that. I completed the setup using that…but the paired device is now NOWHERE to be found in SmartThings.

A single tap on the button and it shows the purple LED for two seconds indicating it is paired to the hub.

So back to square one…another factory reset and another attempt to pair the device for probably the 20th time.

Are you unpairing the trisensor using Z wave utilities as well as factory resetting?

No. Just factory reset it.

I just discovered I was able to finally pair it and get access to all the settings in the Edge Driver.

Then TWO paired devices showed up in the room! Apparently it too over 10 minutes for the previously paired device to show up. I just force-deleted the first paired / duplicate device and now have one paired TriSensor.

I set up a routine to turn a light on, but I cannot get the automation to work. I have not had this problem with the other three Aeotec Multisensor 6 units in the house.

The History shows motion was last detected 19 minutes ago, but no motion since. I’ve swept my hand in front of the sensor and gotten the green LED multiple times, but it will not control the light or show in “History.” I can control the light from the app just fine.

Give it time. Mine took about 12 hours to work correctly I think it’s worse if battery operated as they have long polling intervals,

Thanks. I did another unpair/factory reset/pair sequence. I’m all done and the “Something went wrong” alert pops up with “It looks like we couldn’t connect. Try again or reset the device” message. “Retry” just keeps bringing that message up. This is SO frustrating. I never had these problems with the MultiSensor 6 using DTH.

Same problem…no motion detection after the initial motion detect and initial communication to hub during setup. “History” does not update with a new motion detection.

What settings do you have for Motion Retrigger and Motion Timeout? I temporarily set these to 5 and 6 seconds for testing purposes. I don’t really understand the difference between these two settings.

Retrigger 30 and Timeout 60 my only suggestion would be to do a Z Wave exclussion and a factory reset.
Z Wave exclusion using mobile app/hub/three dots/z wave utilities/z wave exclusion

See also

From manual:
Battery reports and when them come.

There are a few ways to update your battery status.

  1. Polling
  2. Battery GET command
  3. Automatic Wakeup Notification Report

The most optimized method is to wait for TriSensor to Wakeup and send the battery report during this time. In order to poll or send a Battery GET command to TriSensor, this sensor will need to report a Wakeup Report to your gateway.

By default, Wakeup Report will be sent at an interval of once every 8 hours as well as its Battery Report.

I am confused. What changed?
I have a few of these and they have been working fine for over a year.
The battery on one of them died and they went offline.
I am trying to re-add it and getting the above issue - it adds as a contact sensor only and does not work.
Where should I turn?
– Dig into these new edge drivers? (I thought we were moving away from dealing with that level of detail… )
– Just wait 12 hours?
– Factory reset will probably screw up all my scenes and automations…

Chris Cheng, Field Application Engineer at Aeotec wrote to me today: “There are definitely similar issues when pairing devices in regards to the movement of Groovy to Edge drivers in this case. I have seen similar cases like this if there have been custom groovy drivers installed in the past.”

I had success installing the Edge Driver. Even that took multiple tries after registering my hub with the Aeotec drivers.

I did so many factory resets and reconfigurations that I completely drained the battery. I installed a new battery and installed the unit in the garage last night and it is now working with the Edge Driver.

Follow the link above from Peter Wood to get access to the Aeotec Edge Drivers

  • Name: Aeotec Group
  • Description: Aeotec Edge Drivers

You will find the TriSensor ED there. It’s easy to install. I was fortunate that I had a new device with only one automation - turn on the garage light if motion is detected in the garage - so I was able to unpair, reset to factory defaults, install TriSensor ED, then re-pair the device. It would be a huge pain in the neck if you have lots of automations depending on your device.

Good Luck. This ST stuff is sure a big mess right now. What an ugly transition. I compare to the excellent transition of the Mac from the end-of-life OS 9 to MacOS X, the transition of Macs from the PowerPC architecture to Intel, and then the transition of the Mac from Intel to their own M1 chip. Everything was almost completely painless in all those major transitions. Samsung can never get it right.