[OBSOLETE] Aeotec TriSensor

Thanks Kevin. I updated my post above during the time you replied. I wasn’t expecting such a quick response!

The current reading is 1880 lux, and my light meter reads about 80. I do quite a bit with lighting, so I have a pretty good feel for what’s a reasonable reading and what’s not (1880 is not reasonable under the circumstances). The light meter is fairly accurate. I entered a value in the range of 16000, and it seemed to make no difference.

Have you had any luck with coefficient changes making a noticeable difference? If so, perhaps I have an issue with my sensor.

Are you waking the device up after changing the setting and verifying that it says “0 Pending Changes” before testing it? While writing the handler I set it high and low and the change made a difference, but I wasn’t testing to see if it was accurate.

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I’ll go back and do another clean run with it to make sure it’s updated everything. I thought I did it properly, but I’ve been fiddling around with it quite a bit and could easily have overlooked this step.

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Hello. I have successfully set up this device controller, but the LED disable setting doesn’t completely disable the LED. I tried first setting parameter 10 to zero, and also tried setting parameters 10 - 15 to zero, but the small white LED still flashes. In each attempt, I reset the sensor until the pending updates was zero. Is the LED supposed to be completely disabled with these settings?

If you set all of those led settings to disabled it should completely disable the led. I’m assuming you meant “wake up” and you’re not factory resetting the device after saving the settings…

I apologize if I’m not using the correct terminology. The only way I could get the pending updates to go to zero was to remove the battery from the trisensor for a time and then they would count down to zero. If I left the battery in, they didn’t decrease. That is what I meant by reset.

I ran into another problem with the DH where the sensor would show as disconnected after about 12 - 24 hours. I ended up reverting it to the original (non-custom) device handler and it has not disconnected since. The LED settings also stayed as they were with the custom DH (the only light that flashes with motion is a small white LED).

Hi all,

I’m looking at getting one and reading through this thread to learn more about the reliability. Interesting that it still needs a device handler knowing Smartthings identifies it as “compatible”(https://www.smartthings.com/products/aeotec-trisensor).

@krlaframboise - Not sure if Smartthings did an update recently after this thread started that makes Aeotec Trisensor compatible natively?

@hingandling - do you still encounter freezing? or has there been any Aeotec TriSensor firmware update that fixed it?

Thanks bunch!

SmartThings compatible means it will be identified as the correct device and all basic functionality will work, but the built-in handlers rarely provide settings for most of the configuration parameters.

If you want local execution you can use this handler to configure the device and then change the type back to the built-in handler.

What I did notice is that triggering motion quite frequently caused the device to freeze. I’ve placed it in a location where motion triggers are infrequent and the device has not needed a battery pull. Still not good enough but I’ve not had time to take up with support and I’ve not done a firmware update. Not sure whether Aeon have pushed a firmware update (if that is how these things are updated)!.

I was planning on putting this in a stairway for auto light at night. Looks like it’s not the best brand/model for this use then (at least for now). Thanks for the insight.

Thank you so much for this!
I’ve been using the DH that Aeotec recommended and it simply wouldn’t update with any of the preference changes (over days, with waking up the sensor repeatedly, also tried re-inclusion…)
With this, it’s all working great!
Just a note, If you want the changes to be applied faster, simply wake up the sensor by pressing the button for 5s (light goes sort of yellow, and you might need to do this twice to get all the pending changes in).

It looks like Aeotec sent the beta model to both of us, but I didn’t post my handler to GitHub until the product was released so I guess they added a link to his handler instead.

Thanks for posting the link, but I’d appreciate it if you could remove it to prevent users from seeing the link and thinking that you’re recommending that handler.

Sure thing.

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Love the DTH, works great. I was wondering if there was a way to use the temperature as the ‘primary’ indicator. I am using these mainly for temperature monitoring along with several Multisensor 6s. I would like all the sensors to show the current temps from the main device listing in the app.

Thank you for your attention in this.

replace lines 49 - 67 with:

		multiAttributeTile(name:"temperature", type: "generic", width: 6, height: 4){
			tileAttribute("device.temperature", key: "PRIMARY_CONTROL") {
				attributeState "temperature", label:'${currentValue}°',
						[value: 31, color: "#153591"],
						[value: 44, color: "#1e9cbb"],
						[value: 59, color: "#90d2a7"],
						[value: 74, color: "#44b621"],
						[value: 84, color: "#f1d801"],
						[value: 95, color: "#d04e00"],
						[value: 96, color: "#bc2323"]

		valueTile("motion", "device.motion", inactiveLabel: false, width: 2, height: 2) {
			state("active", label:'MOTION', icon:"st.motion.motion.active", backgroundColor:"#00A0DC")
			state("inactive", label:'NO MOTION', icon:"st.motion.motion.inactive", backgroundColor:"#CCCCCC")

Can’t seem to get it to report battery life. Has been on 0% since I’ve installed it.

Can You advice me on what to do ?


Tap refresh and then wake the device up. Instructions for manually waking up the device get written to live logging when you rap refresh, but they might also be in the manual.

Hello, extremely new to custom device handlers and how to read the code. I would like for the sensor to check the illuminance level every 3 minutes. I may want to make it shorter or longer in the future. Where is that parameter in the code?

PS Thanks for sharing this device handler. It really makes the Aeotec TriSensor much better.

There’s an option for “Light Reporting Interval” in the device settings. I believe the device’s settings are accessible in both new mobile apps, but I know that screen is really buggy in the new Android app so I recommend always using the classic mobile app when changing settings.

Most battery devices, like the TriSensor, sleep so after saving the settings you need to manually wake it up or wait for it to wake up on its own which should happen every 4 hours. If you open live logging before saving the settings it should show the instructions for manually waking the device up when you tap save.

Thank you.