Aeotec Tri Sensor: increase reporting frequency?

I bought one of these tri sensors a couple of weeks ago with the main requirement to use the light level to control lighting in the house. It kind of works. But if I check the event logs in ST, the updates come through at very random intervals. Sometimes, the illuminance will update after half an hour, sometimes it’ll be an hour.

This can make it a bit flaky. I switch my lights on when it gets to 30lux, for example. But if I check the level on the ST app, it might sit at 35 for ages, even though it looks darker. Then the lights will come on and when I check the app again, the light level is 9.

Is there anyway to make ST pull the reading more frequently?

The handler below will allow you to change the sensitivity settings which might solve your problem. Make sure you wake up the device after changing the settings and if after about 30 seconds it still shows that there are pending changes you’ll have to wake it up again.

Custom handlers can’t run locally so if that’s important to you then you can change the type back to the built-in handler after you’ve changed the settings.


Sorry to appear thick but how do I wake up the device? I’ve installed the handler and it says there are 20 pending changes.


If you open live logging before tapping save it should log a message with instructions. It probably also says how to do it in the manual. It’s probably something like hold the action button for 3 or 5 seconds.

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