Aeotec multi sensor issue

I have 2 Aeotec multi sensors, an Aeotec multi 6 and an Aeotec multi 3

The multi 6 reports all output in ST fine but the 3 is missing any humidity readings and nothing in the graph for temp or humidity

It may be the device has no humidity sensor, I can’t remember if it has the capability or not but it does have temp, so it should have a readout of temps in the graph

Any words of wisdom to make the graph work ?

All standard DTHs I have never changed the DTHs for these devices

I have the Aeotec Trisensor ZWA005-C which measures motion, light and temperature. Are you sure your device measures humidity?

No not at all Peter, the only reason I mentioned it was the graph and display shows humidity as in screenshot above, I couldn’t remember whether it had it or not

Do you get a graph with temp readings on it?

A bar chart, I’m using a custom DHT from this community

Thanks to the excellent Kevin

OK thank you, I’m happy with Stock DTHs, so you get a temp graph ! Must be a bug somewhere then in the stock device type