Local DTH for Aeotec TriSensor with adjustable ux threshold

Is there a Local DTH for the Aeotec Trisensor that allows me to set the Lux reporting threshold to 50?

I tired the one for @krlaframboise and it works perfect!

But it says the Execution Location is cloud and I try to do it local whenever I can.

If I use the default Z-Wave Motion/Temp/Light the lux, update is horribly slow and I think there might be a built in 100 or 200 lux threshold because my garage is 16 lux with no lights on and 90 lux with 2 CFL lights on and it doesn’t change.

(On a side note for anyone interested in the Trisensor, it’s motion detection is very fast)

The generic built-in handlers don’t mess with configuration parameters so you can join the device with my handler, configure it, make sure the device woke up and applied all the changes, and then change the device’s “Type” field back to the built-in handler for local execusion.


Perfect! Thank you very much!

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Do you have any documentation describing how i can install your DTH? I am more persistent than savvy, so a little documentation would help a great deal.