NUE Zigbee 3.0 Smart 3 Gang Switch not showing individual switches in new Connect App or Google Home

Hi, I am a new member to the SmartThings world and brought myself a SmartThings Hub v3 from the USA back to Australia. I already had three LIFX WiFi colour lights and an August Door Lock Pro + Connect (American import).

As a trial, I bought a NUE Zigbee 3.0 Smart 3 Gang Switch (for lights) from eBay. After downloading the device handler from the vendor’s website and importing that into the IDE, I am able to operate the three lights (behind the switches) with the Classic App. It shows up as a single “Thing”, but once you select it, you get the three sub-switch options.

Unfortunately, on the SmartThings Connect (new) App, the switch shows up as a single “Device”, and when selecting it, it presents an On/Off switch option, that doesn’t do anything. It certainly doesn’t present the three switches available on the device!?

The same problem exists when integrating the SmartThings (Samsung) account in Google Home. It imports the “Device”, but only presents a single non-working On/Off option. I have bought a few more of these smart light switches, so would like to work with the latest and greatest, and especially Google Home.

Is this the limitation of the new SmartThings Connect App, or can we get it to work by changing something in the handler through the IDE?

Thx, Niels

This is a limitation of how the DTH was written for the device. If it was rewritten as a multichannel master/slave device it would work as expected.

Until that happens you can use core\webcore to translate on1/off1 commands from your device to virtual switches and google home will be able to see and control the virtual switches.
Personally i would return those switches and buy multiple single gang single load switches. You’ll have less issues over the long run.