Nue Single gang switch - Network or server issue

After help getting a Nue Single gang switch working in Aeotec / Smartthings V3 hub. Have installed the device Handler “Nue ZigBee 1 Gang Switch Device Handler” from downloads @3A Smarthome and after resetting the 1 gang switch the unit is found in the Smartthings App no problems. The issue is if trying to turn the Switch On or Off in the App, I get a spinning wheel for a minute or so then times out with message “Network or server issue”.
If I manually turn on the switch, the status updates to On in the App with no issues, same when turning off.
Had this previously working on a Nue Hub so I know there is no fault with the unit. I have re-installed the Device Handler in case there was issue with copying the code from the download and no change.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

I have many Nue switches and dimmers (ranging from 1 to 4 gang) throughout my house, all connected to Smartthings. Installing the device handlers and virtual switch apps is a bit of a pain, but mine are all operating as expected. If you are having issues, contact Kevin at I have always found him super helpful, and happy to work with you to resolve any issues. Occasionally he has sent me alternative DTHs to try.

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Thanks for that, I had reached out previously to Kevin with screenshots and he couldnt identify any issues. Is your hub the most recent version?

It’s a V3 hub, M/N: IM6001-V3P06, with firmware 000.037.00004.

Just realised it was connected through a Hue bridge. I just deleted it from there and rescanned into ST. With the DTH installed, Smartthings automatically identifies the switch as “Nue ZigBee 1 Gang Switch Outlet”, and it just works (for me).

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Thanks for that info Mike. Kevin from 3A just emailed me the device handler (presumably the same on his website) and I have reinstalled the DTH and rescanned the switch back in and all works as it should.
Strange, I have let Kevin know, not sure if an issue with his file for download or something else going on but anyway all working well now.
Many thanks for your help.


Glad you got it working Roger.

I just counted mine up; I have 14 Nue switches - combination of 1, 2, 3 and 4 gang light switches, dimmers, GPOs and a fan controller. Had a few bumps along the way, but have no complaints.

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There were three separate sets of platform issues in the last month or so that affected hub connected devices.

It’s always possible that if you added your switch during one of those problem times that that it wouldn’t work correctly.

I’m glad to hear that the reinstall straightened things out. :sunglasses:. I have several Nue Devices and have been very happy with them.

Thanks for that info. Next challenge is getting my Nue 4 Gang scene switch working but not having a lot of luck so far. Not sure if your or @RebelMagpie have one of these, but it scanned in Ok and came up as a “Thing”. It didnt show up as a 4 gang switch so I edited it on the Smartthings web browser device editor and changed type to Nue 4 Gang Zigbee Switch. I then added in the child devices using the Virtual device sync SmartApp which created 4 switches successfully under the Main Scene Switch but when any of the 4 switches are pressed on the wall plate or app it seems they are not changing or replicating the status. Any clues?

Hi @RSZ, funnily enough I put in a Nue 4 gang light switch this week and had exactly the same problem. Mine, did however, get recognised as a Nue 4 Gang Switch without me having to manually set it in IDE. After I created the virtual child switches, they worked from the app, but pressing the buttons on the panel (which did control the lights) did not reflect in ST. I deleted the devices and re-added, and everything seemed to be working…

…until this morning. The panel was unresponsive, and I couldn’t control the lights from the panel or the app. I had to cycle the power from the circuit breaker and then it was fine. Hopefully a glitch.

Mine is the older 4 gang with the switches in each corner. Is that what you have, or is yours the newer one with the switchs in a row?

Hi Mike, mine is the older style but a Scene switch (doesnt actually have the 240V outputs to connect to lights) that I had working on the Nue Bridge which you could use to work with other light switches as 2 way switch or assign buttons to trigger routines etc.

The Hui app to control it on the Nue bridge that I am getting rid of is very painful and my entry into ST with all my other Smart devices has opened a world of opportunities with webCoRe.

I will try reloading the 4 gang as you have done and perhaps cycle the power to it as well.

Hope yours has settled down and was only a glitch!

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Unfortunately having reset the panel to fix the “glitch” it is back to not reflective any manual switch changes in the ST app. I’ll ping Kevin on Monday

I havent had a lot of luck with mine, will only scan in as a Thing despite quite a few attempts and also resetting the panel by turning off the CB. Changing it in IDE to 4 gang Switch just ends up in the same result. I emailed Kevin last night, hopefully he will have a fix for it and yours. I dont want to go back to the Nue Bridge…


Kevin advised that the 4 Gang Scene switch is not supported in ST, only in Hubitat and Nue Bridge or buy the actual 4 Gang switch to bind for 2 way switching etc. Need to consider whether to spend the $65 on one to fill the hole in the wall with something that actually works. Rather annoying…

Oh, that’s a bummer. Seems odd that we were having the same issue.

Mine kept falling back into the state of not updating the app from the panel, that would clear by cycling power to the switch panel, and that was getting frustrating.

I ended up turning off my hub for 15 minutes, then back on to let it rebuild the network connections. So far, everything is operating as it should. I have about 120 devices all up (physical and virtual) being managed so maybe it was tripping over itself.