Nue 3 Gang Smart Switch to Virtual Switches


I got a Nue 3 Gang & 2 Gang Smart switch. I want to allocate Switch 1 to Room 1, Switch 2 to Room 2 and Switch 3 to Room 3 but under devices they all just show up as 1 switch and i can only allocate to 1 room. How can i split the 3 gang or 2 gang into individual devices?


See if this works:

If not then you have this thread:

@rontalley, Thanks for the tip. I got the Virtual switch working with the 2 gangs switch following the instructions. It created the 2 virtual switches but only 1 work and the other does not. Also, when i applied the same DH for the 3 gang it did not create the 3 virtual switches.

Have you checked out the Support page which has links to DH for the various products?