(EDGE Driver-Mc): Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc (virtual Switch Mirror, Virtual Calendar and virtual Switch Board...)

I am trying to avoid using the built in date/time function because when I travel it adjusts to where I’m currently located, not the hub location so it throws off routines for people still at home. It’s really bad when I’m in other countries where there’s a 10 hour difference or frequently switching time zones :rofl:

I can turn it on/off using Sharptools rules

I don’t understand!

The routines once created should keep the date and time of the location where the Hub is, right? just like sunrise and sunset

That is not my experience. I had to change all my time/date/sunrise/sunset triggers/preconditions to use your virtual calendar because they would fire at the time of where my phone was located not the hub.

What happens if you have SmartThings on 2 phones and you leave one at home and travel with other phone. Do routines fire twice?
I have ST on phone and tablet and never had routines fire at their local times, only once at hub’s local time

I have no idea what would happen, I haven’t tried that. But when I was gone for several months things were happening at the house at all the wrong times of day. I got phone calls constantly. I’m assuming it’s because my phone is the main account or maybe because I was away for so long?

New version of Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc

Added capability to display the local weekday:

  • The format is numeric from 0 to 6:
    • 0: Sunday
    • 1: Monday
    • 2: Tuesday
    • 3: Wednesday
    • 4: Thursday
    • 5: Friday
    • 6: Saturday.
  • It is done like this to respect the format that LUA sends for the day of the week.

  • As it is a numerical format, you can do routines with intervals or >= or <=

The update will be done automatically or manually with CLI

 Name         Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc
 Version      2023-06-12T16:56:19.048368118        

@Terri_Baker With this new driver version you can do 2 routines to turn on the virtual switch every Saturday at 00:00

Another to turn off the virtual switch every Monday at 00:00


That was an unexpected addition. Thank you so much!


Hi @Daijoubu

Now that we are approaching the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, I have been monitoring the virtual calendar data for Reykjavik with data from meteorological pages and I have seen an error in the sunset and sunrise data, which I have already corrected.

At this time for Latitude: 64.2° and Longitude: -21.9° the sunset occurs at 00:01 and the sunrise at 02:55.

That is, within the same day the sunset occurs before the sunrise.

I have corrected the calculations of sunset offset, sunrise offset and day length in these conditions

This version that will be updated automatically has the corrections, if you see that there is any other error, tell me



i install and try the virtual calendar but the long and lat is not good, it’s look like it’s 4 hours too late but i can change it to be at the good time even if i had the good long and lat.

thank you for your help


I don’t quite understand what the specific problem is.

In preference settings you have to enter the latitude and longitude that you want to use, rounded to 1 decimal, since the preferences only allow 1 decimal.
Latitude: North is positive, South is negative
Longitude: East is positive, West is negative

You can get the coordinates with google maps for example

Then they have to enter the official offset of your local time from GMT in the details view.

Hello Mariano
there’s 2 drivers on the website;

Which one is the good one?

Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc.

(SOS) is for to recover main virtual device if it is deleted accidentally

ok i will the other on.

here what i have;

When i install the calendar Default values

When i had the good longitude and latitude

Note : the time is 4 hrs too late and i can add a “-” négative sign in front of the offset.

thank you again (i’m a bigginer)


If you use the iOs app, it may be a problem with the app, which has happened more times.

Write the value -4 in any text screen, copy the value -4 and paste it in Local Hour to UTC Offset in the details view

iM using a samsung phone but i will try it

it’s working if i copy it (-4) hrs.

ps: the longitude and latitude if set by default (0.1 0.1)? no need to change it 45 and -74

thank you

sorry i change the -4hrs the time now is correct but not the longitude and latitude. i add the right values for the longitude and latitude and now it’S perfect :wink:

again good job and thank you very much

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Mariano, could you add week number to the virtual calendar? I have events that happen every other Friday and would like to create some automation. It would also be great if I could check for even vs odd week numbers.


Hi @BSF29

You can use virtual device Timer Number of days with 15 days timer

THANKS, I’m building it now!