NUE Zigbee 3.0 2 gang switch virtual device sync

Hi all,
I have a Nue Zigbee 3.0 2 gang switch that I have installed. The manual switches work fine for both lights.
I have installed the device handler and that seemed to work ok too… Smartthings picked it up fine.
I have installed the erocm123:Virtual Device Sync SmartApp and published it ok.
I then try to ‘separate’ the two physical switches…
In the Smartthings app, I select Add SmartApp and select the Virtual Device Sync - so far so good.
I select which physical switch (the new 2 gang switch I just installed).
It shows the correct device handler (Nue 2 Gang ZibBee 3.0 switch)
It detects the correct number of endpoints (2).
It detects the virtual switch type (Switch)
I click on 'Create Virtual Devices"…
It tells me the following switches will be created (…light 1 and … light 2)… click Next
Says “Error when creating the virtual devices. Make sure that you have all of the “Simulated” device handlers installed”

Can anyone help? It seems like everything is as it should be, but I cannot set up the two separate virtual switches.

OK… found the solution… perhaps a newbie error, but thought I’d post in case it helps anyone else.
I neglected to add the “Simulated switch device handler”… to be fair, I didn’t know I needed to do that, but now I do :slight_smile:
Simple copy - paste from the vendors site as a new device handler.

Thanks 3A Smart Home for the guidance.

Hi, are you able to show me what the current states are for your 2 gang switch? I’m trying to set this up and it’s doing my head in. Doesn’t seem to pick up the states of each switch correctly. This is what mine looks like with both switches turned off:
I am using the manufacturers DH