2 and 3 Gang Nue Switch not working with routines

Hi all

I have installed a number of 2 and 3 gang switches and I am having trouble using them with routines

When the switches were first installed (setup as a basic ‘zigbee switch’, before I installed device handlers and could only control switch 1) I had the ability to switch them on and off using routines as you would expect. However when i installed the device handlers provided by the retailer i could no longer switch off switch 1 using routines. This problem occurs even before I bind the second and third switches. However once i do bind the second and third switches I do have the ability to turn them on and off using routines but switch 1 remains un-switchable. The same issue occurs when i try and control switch 1 using scenes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Brand and model of switches?

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Nue Zigbee 3.0

Think I found a way to make them work. I found another binder that does a really good job of keeping the DH and virtual switches in sync. Seems to be stable for now


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I’m having a similar issue with these switches. Where were you able to find the alternate device handler that gave you a bit more success?

Can you describe the issue a little more please

For me, I have used the device handlers from https://3asmarthome.com/downloads, however for my 3 gang switches, the first switch works but the others don’t appear. When setting up the 2nd & 3rd switches as virtual devices the number of endpoints available ( I think this is the number of switches on the device) is listed as zero.

I was hoping that the device handler that you used may give me more luck.

I used the nue 3 gang zigbee 3.0 switch hander to get the first switch working. I then found that the only switch binding program that worked for me was the erocm123: virtual device sync. This app will create the virtual switches and bind them to your switch. Hope this helps

Great, I’ll give that one a go.
Thank you