Apologies from a complete newbie - Similar issues and Same hardware as " 1 Help with new DH for Aust 3 Gang light switch" not sure if I should have started a new topic

I am so new to this world I don’t really feel I should be posting here but I have nowhere else to go.

I have two of these 3 Gang Switches (The 3asmarthome 3 gang switch/HUI Feibit 3 gang switch.)

They are installed and working but I haven’t been able to set up the virtual switches so can not automate anything or use Google Home.

I have had assistance from the supplier and spent hours looking here but am sadly completely lost.

The DH I am using is “HUI ZigBee Wall Switch 3 Gang V.2.1”

And the Smart App “erocm123 : Virtual Device Sync”

These load fine just they don’t do anything. When running the app it fails to see any detected end point?

I am happy to pay someone much smarter than me to help fix this for me.


You may need to break it down a bit as I’m a bit confused on what you need help with :slight_smile:

Hi Steveuk23

I am not really sure what info I need to tell you, to help.

The Dh and app install ok but when I run the app and select the Physical switch to create the virtual switches it fails to detect the endpoints.

I have no idea if this ST the DH or app and no idea how to diagnose.

I have attached a screenshot

of the app.


Ah right with you now I thought you was meaning a simulated switch on the IDE.
I’ve not used that app or DH before so not too sure on that one.
Maybe you need to enable OAuth in the smartapp

Did you follow the solutions proposed in the other article? If you’re having the same problems, maybe you could use the same solution. Also, if you reply under that article, you’re more likely to get a response from the people who have already replied to it rather than creating a new topic.

Hi Ryab780

I did as best I could. Thanks ill post there.