None of my devices I used with IRIS will connect with Smarthings hub

I did not get to remove any of my iris devices from the hub before iris shut down which I think is a big part. Products I have are a Schlage keypad door luck, GE z-wave dimmers, iris sensor and a Z-wave thermostat . I have actually found instructions online to reset the devices. For example the z-wave dimmer you pull out the button , push it in and tap the up button 10x. To reset the thermostat there is a setting on the panel to remove it. For the Schlage there are setting to enter a code to remove. NONE OF THEM WILL REMOVE it appear. They all fail. My smartthings device can not detect any of my devices I used with iris. Have all my devices become bricks? I don’t get it because I’ve heard others resetting that did not disconnect to iris.

edit: to make it clear. I bought the samsung smarthings hub and a amazon echo after iris products went dead

No big deal if you didn’t remove them from Iris hub. Z-Wave devices need to be excluded and reset. You can exclude them from your SmartThings hub. As for your Zigbee sensors, you just need to find the manuals online and follow the instructions to reset each device.If you have first version of Iris devices, then you are out of luck.


how do I exclude my Z-wave devices from my iris hub hub with my smartthings hub if my smarthings app can’t detect the devices. Also does my iris hub need to still be plugged it? I already disconnected everything

There is a General Exclude process you kick off via the ST app. Your Iris hub is useless, but you need the ST hub up and running.

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ok I did not see this when on my smart things app. can you tell me specific steps on the app to get to this area to remove these devices from my iris hub?

You can use the Z-wave exclude procedure in your ST app. That is a generic procedure and is not tied to a specific hub. It may be a location issue, try moving your hub close to the devices. That can be difficult but a cheap wireless access point will allow you to put your hub anywhere. If you have a version 3 hub, I think those can attach wirelessly anyway.


If using the Classic app:

If using the new app:

BTW: the Search feature in the Community and ST’s main support site will be your best friend through all of your Iris to ST conversion processes.


You didn’t mention if any of your Iris branded items were 1st generation. No first gen stuff works with SmartThings at all.

Like mentioned above, your Zwave items need to go through the reset and exclusion process, it sounds like you simply had the reset done, you are halfway there.

You did wait a bit long to migrate. But you should still be able to factory reset and exclude everything…

So run down here.

#1. No first generation Iris branded products will pair with SmartThings.
#2. Not all 2nd or 3rd gen stuff will pair either. Your hub is absolutely incompatible, your keypad needs a special 3rd party DTH etc…
#3. Your ZigBee devices should be able to be factory reset following the Iris procedures still up on Youtube. I suggest you download a copy of those videos relevant to your hardware, heaven only knows when that will be pulled.
#4. Your Zwave devices should go through the exclusion process and then the factory reset for the specific device. The Zwave exclusion is a generic process and the procedure is listed on the smartthings support site.

Honestly, it would have been a LOT better for you had you unpaired / excluded your devices from Iris before Iris went dead… Would have made your life a bit easier with the migration…


No, unplug it and put it in a drawer, one day it might be useful again :wink: Don’t forget to bookmark this site:

The only Iris products beside the hub I have is the 2nd Generation Motion Sensor . All my other devices I believe are Z-wave zimmer. I’m not sure what the schalge is . I will have to check the box when I get home. The thermostat is Z-wave I believe (i did not install it and don’t have the box but found a picture online that looks like thermostat and that is z-wave)

“Radio Thermostat”? If that’s the one, search for CT101 thermostat…it is Z-Wave

not sure if I can post links, but the thermostat I have looks like this:

it doesn’t have the gray on the borders, it is all white. but the buttons are the same

All your devices should work.

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The factory reset instructions for the 2nd generation motion sensor are in the video below.

Your CT101 thermostat factory reset instructions are at the link below.

Just google your make / model of the device and factory reset so you can find the instructions.

There is a loose knit team working on bringing Iris back to life under the Arcus name. You might want to hold on to your Iris stuff… Might be useful for another project down the road…

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thank you guys all for the help. Everything worked out. I was missing that one step. Thanks AGAIN! Now I can say Alexa lock the front door without getting my lazy but up!.


LOL! Glad we could help. There’s a ton of info in this COmmunity and lots of people that can help, so just reach out.


Happy we were able to point you the right way.

Sounds like you were a lot further along in your Iris setup before the shutdown than I was… I have a lot of the gaps filled in since that point, haven’t opted for smart locks yet though… It’s on the long term goal list…

You are missing all the fun :smile: People start with locks then realize that they need repeaters and before you know it, their home is full of smart devices. LOL

I started with security, and moved to HVAC, meaning automated control of ceiling fans and lights, which meant repeaters, and switches, and… you get the idea… Locks are at the bottom of my list, but they are there…

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