Migrating from IRIS (thanks Lowes) to ST (Exclusion Process)

Long-time IRIS users. Have ~30 GE in-wall receptacles and switches, plus a number of other IRIS devices, Cameras, Quikset locks, etc. Probably 100 devices total. I have order the ST v3 hub and want to begin the process but an not finding a lot of documentation about the process required to reset the GE plugs and switches.

you will exclude them with either hub and then add them to smartthings.

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Thanks, and so on the IRIS side, merely remove the device. nothing to be done at the device itself?

exclusion mode, whether its in Iris or SmartThings, requires you to put the device in pairing mode. For the GE switches, that means just turning them on and off.

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Sorry, but I am not following. I have IRIS since it’s initial v1 launch, but have not really had to remove devices. I can you the app to remove the devices, and for the 1 or I have not currently connected, I can force remove it. My question is really if I do this though the IRIS app, other than the disconnected devices, should they pair with the ST hub without doing anything else? ?

Did you guys sign up for the cash card for things that won’t migrate? I got $140 for a hub and keypad that had been linked to my old old iris account simply for updates.

I did. Over $1,000 if they actually send it, but I had 4 cameras.

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as soon as you get your ST hub, set it up and then follow the instructions linked above to perform a z-wave exclusion on your devices.

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Zwave Devices store information about the hub that they are connected to in each device’s own memory. As long as those fields are filled in, the device will not join to a new hub.

So whenever you want to move a Z wave device from one hub to another, the first thing you need to do is clear those fields. This may be different than a “factory reset“ which might just be setting all the parameter fields back to their original settings, but not actually clearing the stored hub ID information.

In Z wave, the process of getting a device to clear its record of the hub that it belongs to is called “exclusion.“

The Z wave alliance realized that sometimes you might not have access to the original hub. You might have bought the device used, or the original hub might have been damaged.

So they allowed for a process called “general exclusion“ which allows any Z wave hub to issue a command telling any Z wave device that hears it to clear its stored hub ID information if A person also performs some physical reset on the device at the same time, usually a button press pattern or a series of on/off switch controls. (The fact that the person Has to have physical access to the device being reset is what provides the security for the process.)

Once the device has cleared the stored hub ID information, it will then be ready to join to a new hub.

So that means that you can issue the general exclusion command from your new smartthings hub and your Z wave devices which were connected to your iris hub will hear it, and as long as you do the correct reset process on the individual device, the stored hub ID information will be cleared. And then you will be able to add that device to your smartthings hub just like it was a brand new device.

You do have to exclude each device individually, which can get tedious, but that’s part of the security issue.

So to make this work, you need three pieces of information:

  1. how to make the smartthings hub issue a general exclude command

  2. how to individually reset each of your Z wave devices so that they will accept that general exclude command and erase the old hub ID information that they have stored. This information should be in the user manual for the device, so you can usually just find the user manual online for that specific model.

  3. how to add each device to the smartthings hub. (That process is called “inclusion.“)


Think I have it now!


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Good explanation.
Many of us who are Iris refugees appreciate the help!


I changed over from Iris a few weeks ago. The ge light switches and outlets paired over to smartthings really easy. One at a time, I removed the device within Iris (which does the zwave exclusion by either toggling the switch on and off or pushing the button on the outlet). Once a device was removed, it was immediately visible to smartthings using the add device and following the instructions. I would recommend doing the remove from iris and the add to smartthings individually per device before moving onto another device so you know exactly which device you are adding to smartthings. I also did have to move my iris hub near some of my further away switches to get iris to recognize the device removal. For smartthings it recognized all devices immediately without having to move my hub closer to the devices.


Thank you.

I have been freaking out over this conversion!

I am so pissed at Lowes…I am vowing to NEVER shop there again…for putting me through such mental anguish and stealing hours of my life as I languish through this!

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Does the Iris hub need to be connected to an Ethernet wire as you deactivate switches?

I did several force-quits. I was not sure if the hub beeped, conforming the deletion as my hub is several rooms away from the switches and I could not hear the beeps from that distance.

I have been using ST for all exclusions. Every couple of days I will FORCE remove from IRIS, though I do not really think it matters, since IRIS will soon be unplugged. I am working on the IRIS Garage Door Openers today, which paired quickly to ST. The issue I am having now are the IRIS Tilt sensors (black ones with the Arrow. I have not paired them individually, and some of the posts indicate they will not be recongized by ST. I assume the newer white NYCE sensors will work, but not sure how I relate them to the garage door. In other words, ST will send a signal to the door to open or close and this works. Question is how does it know it has opened or closed without connecting the sensor to the door

The black tilt sensor goes with the Iris opener and pairs with it. So the same device in SmartThings should show open/closed and allow open and close commands.