Problem pairing GE switches to Smartthings

Hello. I am in the process of switching from homeseer to smartthings. I have 40 or so GE switches that worked fine until I switched to smartthings.

I obviously set up smartthings and went into pairing to try to add a switch. I pushed the switch 1 time quickly as per the directions and YouTube videos and it does not detect them. Why would this be?

  1. Since they were connected to homeseer through an aeon zstick do I need to somehow reset them before pairing?

  2. What is the tryical range, the closest switches are approximately 40 ft away. (Homeseer never had a problem with this).

  3. Do I need z-wave stick or anything or is the hub supposed to be self sustained?

Does anyone else have any idea what could be wrong?

You need to exclude the switches from the Homeseer hub before you can include them with Smartthings. They can only be connected to one hub at a time. Also, there is no “hard reset” for the switch.

Here is the Smatthings article on how to do this. You want to do “general device execlusion”:

After you have excluded a switch from the Homeseer hub, you can include them with Smartthings:

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What pizzinini said. I just moved a bunch of GE switches from Iris to ST and I had to exclude everyone of them before they would pair. Even the ones that Iris said were removed from the Iris Hub. Most I had to force remove and I expected to have to exclude them.

Also be patient, most of mine went to the message where it says it’s taking longer than expected to pair. Some would take close to minute before they would show up as paired.

Thanks guys.