GoControl Thermostat

I purchased a GoControl Thermostat from Lowe’s last year and used an Iris hub with it. Well, Lowes has discontinued their Smart Home devices and my Iris hub will no longer work after March 31. I searched goControl Thermostat online and compatible hubs and SmartThings Z Wave Plus hub states it’s compatible. I purchased the SmartThings hub but now it’s not listing my thermostat as an option to connect as a device. Can someone PLEASE help me? I tried calling customer service and the won’t help me because my thermostat doesn’t say it’s compatible on their end. :weary:



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Hi Holly, did you get it to work? I have a go control thermostat as well and moving from IRIS. I was able to pair it. I had to exclude it and do a full factory reset. I forget which device I selected in the app. i may have just done auto-detect. After I paired I went into the smartthings site and changed the type to generic zwave. seems to work OK,.

I am also coming from Iris. I got the Gocontrol thermostat to pair with the Smartthings hub v3, but I can not change the set point. Anyone one have this issue.

Yes, I finally got it to work but I had to download the SmartThings Classic app and then I followed connection instructions that came with my thermostat and it worked. It never showed my actual device that’s why I had to pretty much auto detect it by using the instructions that came with my thermostat. Thank you so much for asking.

Can you explain those instructions on what you did. id o not have the box or manual for my thermostat

See if you are able to read this. If not, I’ll see if I can type it up.



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Worked perfect. Thank YOU!

Good!!! You’re welcome!