Can't understand Z-Wave (how to delete and add)


I have several of the Iris Centralite Zigbee/Zwave plugs. For some reason, it seems that there are too many of the Zwave portions of these in my hub (and NONE of them actually connects to the plugs). I’m trying to exclude but since they aren’t connecting/showing the plugs are online (when they are), this doesn’t seem to work. Force removing them isn’t seeming to work either (or it works part of the time but not all the time).

I’m wondering two things - how do I get rid of the non-functional Zwave devices that are showing up in the hub and how do I sort of “clear out” the memory of the Zwave connection in the plug so I can start a fresh and reconnect (as though they were new Zwave devices)? If there’s a thread about this that I’ve missed in my searches, please feel free to point me to them. Thanks so much in advance!

See if this helps:

Iris 3210-L smart plug not working correctly when added to Aeotech Hub - #4 by JDRoberts

In the past when I’ve had a job-responsive Z-wave device to remove, I’ve had for luck using the “IDE”. Login with your Samsung account at

Click on Devices or My Devices, find the problematic device and click on its name. You’ll see a delete button.

You will have to find the user manual for your devices and find how to do a factory reset on the device before attempting to reuse it.