New Xenon Zwave Devices

Anyone looking at these yet?

seem decently priced…

what are you finding compelling about these?
Price points are about the same as sensors already in common use, feature sets are the same as well.

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Well the water shutoff valve looks to be the same as ECONET version but is selling for 1/2 the price.

and nice that it has a CO and Combustible gas detector too.

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Haven’t seen one of these before:

Looks interesting. Wish someone had this for a ceiling fan.

I can’t find who makes these. There are no compliance statements posted on the official Z wave alliance website. That is none for the company at all. So they’re either a rebrand, counterfeit, or very very very new.

Both the eBay seller and the Amazon marketplace seller just opened last week. No feedback on either of them. My guess is it’s the same person. But I don’t know for sure.

Nothing in the Vera wiki about the brand either.

It’s obviously a Chinese brand. They pick the name of a type of lighting, which is like calling your company halogen: you can’t trade mark it, Google searches are going to come up with all kinds of things which are not you, and won’t be able to get a good website name.

I always say only buy electronics from a place with a good return policy. That is not an eBay seller using their “hasslefree returns” because of this clause:

You must return the item in unused or new condition within the seller return timeframe.

Which in itself isn’t too bad, but in the FinePrint they go on to specify that that includes bags, tags, and ties.

You must return an item in the same condition as it was received. You must also include, in the same condition as it was received:
All packaging such as boxes, bags, and tags
Accessories such as cords and remotes
Certificates, manuals, and warranty cards
“Free gifts” or bonus items
All items included in a bundle
For more details on specific item categories, click here.

Basically if you use it enough to test it to see if it works, you will probably no longer meet the requirements for the return policy. Some sellers will still take it back, but I generally don’t buy electronics on eBay.

It’s also very unlikely that this brand manufactures to US safety standards.

All of which is to say I’d rather pay an extra 15 bucks and get something which is UL listed or code compliant if it’s going to connect to my house wiring.

But obviously a lot of people make other choices.

As for the IR blaster for an air conditioner, remotec has had the zXT 120 out for a couple years, works OK. We have a couple of community members using it. I would look at that one first if you’re interested in that type of device:


Here is the company website.

Maybe we can do group buy…

Why is this so ugly??!

OK, looks like they’ve been in business manufacturing “spidernet” security cameras for use in China for about 6 years. But I still can’t find anything about them on the Z-wave Alliance site, and no compliance statements under their name at all. So I’m guessing these are rebranded from some other manufacturer.

I ordered the water shufoff valve and messaged them. They are willing to provide documentation for any of their product. Let see how helpful they are.

Ask them for the zwave conformance statement.

It’s been almost exactly one year since I installed my Xenon water shut off valve (which looks like a knock-off of the EcoNet EBV105, although with a much flimsier bracket). There’s a little corrosion on my shut-off lever that’s spreading to the Xenon’s bracket and when the motor is engaged it just torques the unit rather than turning the lever. I seem to recall the original EcoNet brackets were less substantial than their current model, so they’ve been making improvements.