GE Z-wave On/Off Switch, In-Wall, 12722 $29.xx Amazon Prime after 15% coupon

GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control On/Off Switch, In-Wall, 12722 for $29.xx shipped prime after 15% coupon. (this is an affiliate link)

According to the camel, the 3rd party non-prime price has been cheaper especially about a year ago in November but you still had to pay shipping then, and this looks like about the cheapest price direct from Amazon by about $2.

I’ve been looking to pick up some of these since the local Lowe’s deals seem to have run out…

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I picked one up. Sucks you are limited to 1 with the coupon, but can’t complain much.

You could always ask friends/relatives to order more for you and pay them back. That’s what I did on Prime Day. :grin:

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What coupon?

yes, what coupon?

It looks like the coupon has expired. It used to show up on the listing as “clip this coupon”, and clicking on that would add 15% off to the previous $34 price. Now the price has gone up to ~$36 for me- arguably less of a deal.

There’s a reason we have 3 Amazon accounts LOL

Went to order a few of these because the price is still a few bucks lower then Lowe’s, but Amazon shows that’ll ship in 4-5 months! WTH

Is there a new model coming out soon?

Have a look, not sure when.

Amazon recently had a sale on the dimmer and switch. I ordered a boat load of both. The dimmers on my order are 1-2 months out. Now if you try ordering they’re 4-5 months out as are the on/off switches as you state. Could be stock is dwindling due to phase out and replacement by the Z-Wave Plus models coming. Or, their stock just got hammered with the sale. Or a bit of both.

Thank you! Do either of Smartthings hubs support ZWave plus? (Sorry, I know that I could spend the next hour watching, and I’ve been a gen 1 owner for a long time, but it’s hard to keep up on this stuff between family, work and life).:stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, they do.

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