GE Z-wave On/Off Switch, In-Wall, 12722 $29.xx Amazon Prime after 15% coupon


GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control On/Off Switch, In-Wall, 12722 for $29.xx shipped prime after 15% coupon. (this is an affiliate link)

According to the camel, the 3rd party non-prime price has been cheaper especially about a year ago in November but you still had to pay shipping then, and this looks like about the cheapest price direct from Amazon by about $2.

I’ve been looking to pick up some of these since the local Lowe’s deals seem to have run out…

(Joseph) #2

I picked one up. Sucks you are limited to 1 with the coupon, but can’t complain much.


You could always ask friends/relatives to order more for you and pay them back. That’s what I did on Prime Day. :grin:

(Tolik) #4

What coupon?

(sanjay murugesan) #5

yes, what coupon?


It looks like the coupon has expired. It used to show up on the listing as “clip this coupon”, and clicking on that would add 15% off to the previous $34 price. Now the price has gone up to ~$36 for me- arguably less of a deal.

(Realy Living Dream) #7

There’s a reason we have 3 Amazon accounts LOL

(Brad B.) #8

Went to order a few of these because the price is still a few bucks lower then Lowe’s, but Amazon shows that’ll ship in 4-5 months! WTH

Is there a new model coming out soon?

(JBrown) #9

Have a look, not sure when.


Amazon recently had a sale on the dimmer and switch. I ordered a boat load of both. The dimmers on my order are 1-2 months out. Now if you try ordering they’re 4-5 months out as are the on/off switches as you state. Could be stock is dwindling due to phase out and replacement by the Z-Wave Plus models coming. Or, their stock just got hammered with the sale. Or a bit of both.

(Brad B.) #11

Thank you! Do either of Smartthings hubs support ZWave plus? (Sorry, I know that I could spend the next hour watching, and I’ve been a gen 1 owner for a long time, but it’s hard to keep up on this stuff between family, work and life).:stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, they do.