A bunch of smart devices for sale

Hi folks. I have a bunch of sensors for sale. Just cleaning out a couple yers of accumulation. Make an offer (Seems generally accepted value is %50 original price). Would like to sell the lot if possible.

Everything has minimal usage (though I don’t think that really matters with this stuff.) and will need to be reset in some cases because it was connected to my hub.

Being a complete noob here and having no real good idea of what I’m seeing and what a lowball offer would be, any chance you could break it down? :slight_smile:

There’s a Hue bridge & Hue bulbs, some Zwave outlets & some open/ close sensors

So yeah, here’s the best breakdown I can offer:

  1. Hue hub and 4 bulbs (Amazon $99 new)
  2. One Fortrez Water / Temp sensor (z-wave) (~$40 new)
  3. Three Ecolonk door sensors (z-wave) (~$35 ea. new)
  4. One Leviton DZPA1 plug in outlet (z-wave) (~$35 new)
  5. Four Everspring AN163-1 plug in outlet (z-wave) (2 outlets; 1 controllable, one pass-through) (~$25 ea. new)

Prices from Amazon and TheSmartHouse

I think that covers it.

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Bumping to see if there’s any interest before I go to eBay.