Great Buy on 4-Pack of Aeon Labs Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor

I needed a few door/window sensors to add to my Smartthings hub at the house and was debating whether to get external Z-Wave devices or the new one from Aeon Labs that mounts inside the door or window frame into a drilled hole.

I decided against the aggravation of drilling the holes, and I found a great deal > I just picked up a 4-pack of Aeon Labs Z-Wave Door/Window Sensors from for $99 (link). Free shipping too. Not sure when this deal ends.


Thanks for the tip. This surely beats $40.65 a piece Amazon price.

Good find! Thanks Jim

Hope they come through. I just searched for reviews on Not great :frowning: The reviews I found were 2 to 5 years old. Hoping they’ve improved their service. I’ll report back here if I get this product and if it’s “as expected”. Note that from the details on their site, these do appear to be 2nd Edition sensors evidenced by the listing of: Power = CR2 battery in the specs tab of this 4-unit bundle.

I received the Aeon Labs Door/Window Sensor 4-Pack from Below are details and a quick review.

Time from order to receipt of product: 7 days (like)
Cost: 99.99 - no-tax and free-shipping (like)

Form factor: It’s HUGE!

Due to the size, I could not find a great place on my front door for it. I did not want to see it at the top, so I placed it at the bottom. I may end up removing it and trying their recessed door switch. On 3 other doors, no problem. Two of them are hidden by window coverings and the last one is in the garage (not concerned with the look there).

All 4 added to ST just fine. There is no longer a tiny Inclusion button. The Tamper Switch doubles as the Inclusion button.

The price was awesome, the sensors work fine so far. The only con is they are HUGE (.79" H x 1.34" W x 3.11" L) and the CR2 battery is more expensive than the AAA batteries in the Edition 1 units. I believe there improved and/or added features to the Edition 2 products but I’m not familiar with what they may be.


Here’s what the package looks like. That’s a 25 cent US coin for scale.

Here’s what the Edition 2 looks like next to an Edition 1 product.

Here’s the switch installed on my front door. Looks honking big down there. Need to fix this!

Thanks for posting Jim. Yea the size isn’t pretty but it would be great for something like a basement door, somewhere not so visible. They also have a new one that is completely concealed like those used in security systems, but it would be really great if it was wired so it could replace the existing ones and not need a battery.


I plan to get one of these when I return home in March.
Aeon Labs Recessed Door Switch

Mfr Link link

According to the only review on Amazon if you want the Aeon Recessed Door Sensor to work with ST you have to change the device type from “Z-wave device” to “Aeon Labs Door/Window sensor”… sorry for the ignorant question but does anyone know how to do that in the ST app?

@Michael, no question is ignorant. I’ve asked many…

Go here:

Once logged in, go to My Devices, then select your device, then scroll down and select Edit, in the Type drop down select that device type, then click on Update.

@JSCGS350, thanks so much! Appreciate the explanation… really good to know for going forward.

@jbeletti Nice mini review and pictures! This really was an awesome deal. I happened to stumble across it too and ordered a set just the day before you posted it. Right after I got mine paired, I went to buy more but apparently the deal is dead (the 4-pack is still listed on the site but you can’t add it to your cart).

I’ve been thinking about doing a custom concealed install, but it’s good to know there are readily-concealable models on the market now.

I have a question for you (or anyone else with the Aeon Labs sensors). When I initially paired mine, I noticed that the tamper switch on at least one of the sensors triggered a different event in the Android app’s activity log, but now the tamper switch and magnetic switch both just trigger the same “open” and “closed” events. Do the tamper switches on your sensors trigger a different event?

igen - sorry but I’m iOS only. Also, I have not looked at the triggers in the activity log. Hope to snag another 4-pack of these at this price again down the road :slight_smile:

How big is the SmartThing SmartSense Multi compared to Aeon? Any thoughts and review by people who’ve used both ?