SmartThings and Air Conditioners?

I have Mitsubishi Split Systems, three outside, 5 inside.

I use the zxt-120 ir sender to control them. I have heavily modified this device type to work correctly and I have written a few smart apps to manage the systems.

The only negative is it’s obviously a one way integration. The split systems can’t report their current status to me so I have to reply on sending ir signals and having them work.

For example I have a smart app which reports if the room is too hot or too humid. If either I currently have it sending me a notification and then I turn on the units using the device (things) interface. I plan to modify the alerts to simply send the signal to turn on AC when too hot and turn on Dry mode when too humid.

I can see they are working when the temp/humidity starts going down. I can always send a second or third ir signal since they are discreet so if it’s already enabled additional signals don’t hurt.

Since you are just in the market fully integrated would be nice but if you decide to buy a system without an interface as long as the remotes send IR signals you might be all set. So not you have three options 1) Fully integrated, 2) Managed through thermostat , 3) Managed using remote ir commands.