Discounted new Aeon and GE Zwave Components!

I purchased some switches, dimmers, power modules, and a few sensors at bulk pricing and am selling what I don’t need on a Square site. Maybe this can be of help to some of you all.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Are the Aeotec sensors already sold? I see them in the picture but I don’t see the item for sale.

Yeah, they sold pretty quickly! Thanks for looking.

Damn, thanks anyway. I ended up buying a plug in dimmer. Those things are never on sale.


Great! It’s packaged and waiting for UPS to pick up this morning.

Thanks for the site been looking for some more DSC06106-ZWUS and every place i look normally is sold out or want 100 bucks for them.

It went out this morning. Let us know what you think!