GE Z-Wave Smart Dimmer Black Friday on Amazon $33

Here it is.

Wish I had gotten them for this price.

Just ordered 8 more and another Dot for $40.

Thanks for the heads up!

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Great! Hope they work well for you.

Oh, and there are a bunch of other z-wave accessories on sale too. All hard wired GE ones: toggle switch, outlet, things like that.

Thanks! Ordered the last 3 dimmers I needed :slight_smile:

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Of course the outdoor modules, fan dimmers and 40A controllers ( I really want power meter to tell me when my dryer is done) are not included

Much to my surprise, the $33 price is still good, so I guess this wasn’t just for black friday, but maybe all weekend?

I’ve seen the GE Z-wave line go on sale at AMZ two or three times in the last few months. Each time it lasts about a week.

Each time we get into a discussion of whether they are clearing out the old stock to release new ZW+ devices .

Yup. And last time their stock got low to the point of delivery times weeks out but they soon restocked apparently.

Amazon now lists a GE z-wave plus on/off switch, but says it’s out of stock. Gotta be coming soon though if there’s a listing for it??

If I’m not mistaken that listing has been there for a while.

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Seems like this one is gone now, but now there’s