New Leviton In-Wall Dimmers

(Bryan B.) #1

I was browsing through z-wavealliance and saw that Leviton has some new Z-Wave switches registered as of 9/7. They look to be pretty robust as far as capabilities and configuration parameters. What I am looking forward to most:

Instant Status, configurable dim level and rate, min/max light level, locator LED status, and LED dim level indicator timeout.

DZ6HD - 600W Dimmer

DZ1KD - 1000W Dimmer

Home Depot has the DZ6HD listed for listed for $49.97 but is not available yet.


You missed the most important new feature: zwave plus! :tada:

(Bryan B.) #3

Sorry, I figured that would be a given :grin:

(Eric Brown) #4

There seem to be a lot of Z-Wave Plus devices about to hit the market given the recent certifications from the Z-wave Alliance. That doesn’t give an indication of when the new devices will hit store shelves though :frowning:

(Eric) #5

I could really use these right now. I am in the market for about 7 new dimmers and I’d like to use 3 of them like it would a cooper RF9500 and not have it physically control a light but still wired in the the line and using a smart app turn on / off and dim some smart bulbs…

The Leviton VRMX1-1LZ and their other dimmers do not update their status fast enough…

(Bryan B.) #6

I have a few of the VRMX1’s and haven’t had any issues, at least they seem pretty instant. I also have a few Dragon Tech WD100s and Home Seer HS-WD100+. I like the Levitons since you can manually adjust the dim rate. They were on sale for about $39 a few weeks ago, but now back up to $45. The Dragon Tech WD100s are about $30 and support instant status. You may want to try one out.

(Eric) #7

The lights operate instantly, it’s the update to ST that takes a few seconds.

(Brandon) #8

This looks like exactly what I was looking for! Basically a Lutron Maestro with Z-Wave. Very exciting. Does anyone know if it has double tap High/Low? Or even better, maybe we can customize double/triple taps like the HomeSeer (I was going back and forth between the GE and HomeSeer until I found this thread).

(Bryan B.) #9

@s00noma, GE/Jasco has a new line coming out soon, the new devices are registered on z-wavealliance and appear to have some additional functionality over the current line. I have a few of the Homeseer and Dragontech dimmers. There was a firmware update for the Dragontech which brings them up to par with the Homeseer ones for quite a bit less. However, one thing I do not like about them is that the dim rate configuration applies to both local and remote dimming. For example if I want the lights to come on to a set level without a ramp up, the dim rate must be adjusted to make that possible, but that makes it impossible to dim the lights locally. Darwin recently released a new DH for the WD-100 and WS-WD100+ which may have addressed this limitation, but I haven’t been able to test it completely yet.

With the Leviton VRMX1’s I have, the rate can be adjusted independently so that the lights have instant on, but can still be locally dimmed.

(Brandon) #10

@Bryanb963 Yes, I did see that GE/Jasco has some new products as well. I was about to dive all in and order some dimmers/fan controls but I am very glad I stumbled upon this thread. I am going to wait for the new GE Fan Control with ZWave Plus and hopefully the new Leviton DZ6HD turns out to be as good as it sounds.

It does seem like the Leviton VRMX1 is a great option, but I just don’t like the look/function at all.

(Bill King) #11

Does anyone know when these will be available? I’m doing a remodel and want to replace all my dimmers and want to get zwave units. Thanks in advance!

(Eric) #12

Every time I see someone has post in thread I get excited…

Not longing great, the z-wave alliance links no longer work.


Here is a link to the DZ6HD manual which is still on the Z-wave alliance site:

I like the few VRMX1 units I have now, but seeing the DZ6HD makes me consider waiting to expand my system…

(newzwave) #14

Does it support instant update ?


The manual says Hail is supported, so it would support Instant Status like the VRMX1. It also has a full list of Parameters listed in the manual, something I haven’t seen for the VRMX1. And it’s a Z-wave plus device.

(newzwave) #16

look like they remove the info on z-wave alliance webpage


I decided on standardizing on Homeseer HS-WD100+ Dimmers for the foreseeable future, and dumping the few VRMX1 I already have. The single, double, and triple tap recognition along with Z-wave plus support at under $50 sold me on them, and the simple design means I don’t need to explain how to use normal switch functionality to visitors (Like the VRMX1 sometimes required).


Weirdly, all Leviton devices are missing from the official site right now. I assume that’s a glitch while they were getting ready to switch over to the Z wave plus models.

(Eric) #19

I am thinking about doing what you did. What DH do you use and where do you get Them? Homeseer direct?


Here’s the homeseer discussion thread with the DTH:

Note also that two community members have said that the switches are noticeably slower than their other Z wave switches, but other community members seem to like them.