Leviton Switches $29.99

Limit of 3 per customer and personally I have only used the GE so I am not an expert on these.

Happy Shopping!

Anybody have thoughts on these at this price point? I typically just buy whatever switches go on sale for $25 or less, but I noticed these say Control Scenes capable. Does that mean I can use this to control other devices like my Homeseer switch? (for example, I can double tap down to turn off all lights on the main floor, double tap up to turn them all back on, etc.)

This is a very good price. IMHO Leviton dimmers functionality is 100x better then GE. I love the physical dimmer bar that shows the level. So you can see the set level and adjust before actually turning it on. Whereas the GE have the press and hold the on/off to adjust the level. issue was always price. It was nearly impossible to find Levitons for < $45, So with GE regularly available for 13-1/2 that price it was a tough sell to go with Leviton.
Another major difference is that with the dim bar at the top, it is press bottom for both on and off. This may take some people a bit to get used to.

Thanks for sharing. I see that I might be interested in the dimmer to play with their different physical interface.

Is there any reason to order their switch? That would operator the same as a GE?

Lastly, these are the previous generation? I think? These are not zwave plus, correct?

I love these switches, having them exclusively in the media room… they
can also be configured for various on/off transition delays when manually
triggered… a nice feature.
The Control Scene capability allows the switch to be set to go to a
pre-configured state when triggered by a Z-wave scene-aware controller
device. The switch/dimmer itself does not control other devices. (Using
ST routine/CoRe pistons, one can accomplish similar scene capability with
non-scene capable Z-wave dimmers, so the scene capability is not that
interesting unless you’re using the device with a (non-ST) ZWave
controller.) At this price I’m tempted to get a few to swap out other less
loved dimmers in the house;-).

Yes these are the old standard Z-wave.
Picture shows Leviton dimmer on left , GE Fan controller in middle and GE switch on right. To give you a comparison of how they look.

The only reason (ignoring the scene capability) I could think of to get
their switch is that it matches (decoratively) the dimmer switch. They are
not Zwave plus.

Are these instant status back to the SmartThings hub?

No - this is one of the main advantages of the new z-wave plus dimmers which do update instantly.

I had many of these in my previous house and they are fine (better than GE IMHO) but am using the new z-wave plus dimmers in the new house and they are very good. $30 is a great price if you don’t need the new versions…

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Thanks for all the info, everyone. :slight_smile: So there are new Leviton switches that look like these but are Zwave plus? Maybe I’ll have to keep an eye out for a sale on those :slight_smile:

Be aware, these are the old style. With the new Z-Wave plus, Leviton is changing their style to the more common push top or bottom style. If you get these it will be harder in the future to get more matching ones for your home.

It’s a great deal though, I’m pretty much done for switches (I have this style) or I’d jump on it.

And no, these DO NOT report instant status. Leviton does have switches that do (sold as part of the Vizia RF+, but Z-Wave capable) but they released these without that capability at a cheaper price to compete with all the new Z-Wave switches.

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Good luck, as I said previously Leviton are good enough that they rarely go on sale.

I received mine and these are z wave plus. the model on the woot was wrong. when you place the order it sent you email that said it was the DZS15-1BZ

What model did they ship? Dz15s?