1000 watt 3-Way Z-Wave Plus Dimmer with Instant Status Updates

I’m looking for a recommendation for a 1000 watt 3-way dimmer and matching remote that is Z-Wave Plus and will provide instant status updates using either the main dimmer or the matching remote.

I was just about to pull the trigger on the Leviton DZ1KD dimmer and DD0SR-DLZ matching remote, but then I came across another post regarding the Leviton DZ15S switch and its matching remote where instant status updates were not being provided when using the matching remote. I’m assuming since all these products just came out and are from the same generation that they behave similarly regarding instant status updates on the matching remote.

Does anybody have the Leviton DZ6HD or DZ1KD dimmers with a matching remote installed? If you do, does the matching remote provide instant status updates to the SmartThings app?