Recommendation on wall Dimmers and Switches

Hi All,

I read a ton of threads recommending best dimmers / switches and its really difficult because many refer to old models or features I don’t really understand…

I am going to install wall dimmers and switches all over my house and as it is a considerable spend I am worried about going with the wrong ones. These are the thing I would like:

  • Keep all Z-Wave Plus and within the same brand / line. (Ive been very careful to buy all my automation devices Z-Wave Plus to avoid trouble and make sure everything works the best possible)

  • Available Dimmers, Switches and 3 way companions.

  • Work well with SmartThings, local if possible.

  • Instant status seems like a feature I really want, 2 taps / 3 taps and scenes would be cool too.

  • Work well with LED (must)

I have access to reseller pricing from a distributor and these are the options I see available with them for the dimmers (sorted by price lower to higher):

  • Zwaveproducts Zwave Plus Wall Dimmer (ZW-WD100)

  • Leviton Decora Digital Zwave Plus Wall Dimmer (DZ6HD-1RZ)

  • Jasco Zwave Plus In Wall Dimmer (14321)

  • GE Zwave Plus In Wall Dimmer for Incandescent, LED, CFL (14294)

  • Homeseer WD100+ Zwave Plus Wall Dimmer (WD100)

I’m leaning towards Leviton as I’ve read they are very good quality but I’ve seen complains about status going out of sync with SmartThings lately and not sure if this is still a problem? also, I understand GE and Jasco do not have scene or instant status? and Homeseer seems to be very good too but its the most expensive one and I understand some features only work with Homeseer?

Could you guys help me decide or recommend what would be the best option based on your experience?


NOTE: I think I may have posted this in the wrong category, let me know if I should move it.

My porch light Leviton is out of synch as far as reporting it but it turns on/off/dims with the app and with my schedule. The switch right next to it has no issues. I am probably going to open up a ticket with support on that.

I do use the device handler from @jasonxh so it does not run locally but I like the added control. I guess I could just use the programming instructions with the dimmer to control its aspects like dim/bright delays etc. I use the stock handler for the switch. I am running a 3-way with one switch.

I have a switch and a dimmer in my detached garage and they work fine…even though it is a long distance.

I have been quite happy with them and when I redo the lights in my finished part of the basement, I will use more of these dimmers.

Thanks kahilzinger,

I am also leaning towards Leviton but a little worried about reports of people having sync issues with them that seems to still be an issue, not sure what DH are they using so that may be their problem.

I think I’ll buy a couple and see how it goes with them before buying the rest…