New Ikea tradfri Shortcut Button?

Tried that several times now but same outcome :pensive:

try this driver
Zigbee Button Remote Driver [YG] 1.3.8

from here Channel and Drivers Web UI

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I decided to try the buttons again after a few months, hoping that one of the several ZigBee button Edge drivers might be able to lengthen the time between battery changes. Yeah nah, SmartThings finds the button just fine, but then when I click the card, it tells me it can’t connect. I have removed and re-paired multiple times and it refuses to work.

I’ve managed to go almost 10 months so far on the same battery on two of my shortcut buttons.

I also have a lot of repeater devices scattered about my home, which I believe is what is contributing to the long battery life I am getting.

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So you used this edge drive for this ikea button? I’m sorry, but before trying again, I’d like to be sure I understood correctly. I have many cell towers too, all wall switches in every room so hopefully it helps


The button you linked to is the on/off dimmer.
I have that one using the Zigbee Button Edge driver provided by SmartThings.

This is the Shortcut button that uses the driver being discussed in the quoted text:

Does Samsung’s ZigBee button really work for Ikea dimmer? I didn’t know that thanks

Yes it does.

I’ve been using it with that dimmer button since February 19th, 2022.

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Well so far my shortcut button has lasted 7 days which is a record for me up from 2 days .

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Lol fresh Duracell battery here, installed that driver two days ago, and it’s showing 44%. It showed 89% the first day.

very strange, it works for you, since it connects with this drive, but then neither the short nor the long pressure with either of the two keys works. I’ll have to try another drive maybe.

I have been through exactly the same process as you and I have the same result. I.e Pairs, but doesn’t fire any events. No battery status in the app and says “Couldn’t get device status”

Bizarrely, after putting the button into pairing mode and re-scanning (without removing the device first) it now seems to work!


That seemed to be the MO with the custom DTH as well. It also seems to be how I got them to work with the Edge driver this week, along with the Fyrtur blinds and remote.

i spoke too soon the battery expired and the new battery lasted 1 day .

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So something less than 22 days on the one I use less frequently, maybe the battery went flat more than a few days ago because I haven’t tried it since before NYE. But this morning when I rolled over to push the button to turn on my espresso machine, I didn’t hear the machine click on so I checked and it still shows 37% battery but does not react to button pushes. The one in the living room, which is where I sit down with my coffee, is still working. That one I use once a day, almost every day, to shut off the espresso machine when I’m ready to start my day. Pity.

The battery dies after a few weeks no matter the battery brand. Anyone with the same issue?

I have one Shortcut Button that’s been on the same battery for almost 12 months.

I have a fair number of repeaters between the buttons and the hub.
That’s the only thing I can think of that is preserving battery life.

I have several of the ikea smart devices that run on the cr2032 batteries. I have the motion sensor, shortcut button and tradfri dimmer. Out of the bunch i only had to change the batteries on my motion sensor. I believe it might have been my fault why the battery died quickly as I dont think it had a good zigbee signal when checking groovy/ide at the time. It could be possible that the batteries were old too. I did place 2 ikea smart plugs around the garage as i suspect the wireless signal used on my garage when it opens and closes interferes. I also replaced the motion sensor batteries back in may last year and they are still hovering around 70%.

I do use my shortcut and dimmer button often. I wouldnt trust the battery percentage within the SmartThings app as initially when checking my dimmer button it was showing about 35-40% from memory after a few months. I’ve been using it for a year or so give or take at its still sitting around 70%. I suspect it doesnt poll that often or needs a bit of time to determine an accurate reading on the battery percentage. It could be the fact that if you have been using it and then check the battery it wont be accurate. I don’t think this is just Ikea battery devices as i’ve noticed it on other devices I have such as Aeotec.

I’ve recently installed some MultiSensor 6s and initially the battery percentage on both were should about 50-60% on the first day while i was setting it up. I initially thought i bought a bad batch of batteries but checking them again a week later they both show 100%.

I would agree with @BlackRose67 as i suspect why my ikea battery powered devices are lasting long is that i have quite a few repeaters around the house. Bear in mind even though you may have bought them brand new they might have been sitting there for months.

If you do end up adding more repeaters a cheap way of doing this is using the ikea smart plugs. It would initially use the stock Zigbee Switch Edge drivers but if you install Mariano’s Zigbee Switch MC Edge drivers you can see the signal metrics within the app which will come in handy to see whether there is enough signal in that area.

looks like groovy/ide site still works so i logged into check how long ive been using my ikea battery devices.

Dimmer switch i’ve used for 8 months, Shortcut button for about 6 months and a few motion sensors for at least 6 months. LQI approximately 220.

Does your ikea shortcut Buttons still work in the new st architecture??