New Ikea tradfri Shortcut Button?

Ahhh, Brad, does ‘working great’ include acceptable battery life (1 month +)?
Second, any chance of a small tutorial on how to set up that edge driver?
The furthest I got was to install custom groovy drivers.
Do you still have to opt in to the edge beta?

Device was added to SmartThings on February 27th, battery is reporting 44%.
I don’t believe it was a fresh battery, as i moved the shortcut button over from Hubitat.

I’m still enrolled in several Edge beta channels.
Should just be a matter of following the link, enrolling your hub.


I’m using the same driver and it has been rock solid for a few weeks now.
Oddly all of my Ikea buttons paired using various edge drivers installed with 44% battery and have not changed or dropped connection. Some have been going for over a month.

I wanted to try too, but strangely when I click on the link, it asks me to loghin, then the next screen remains the smartthings logo but it doesn’t load anything, not seeing any drives to install. Very strange thing, what could I feel? I have already tried from different devices, with different data connections and with different internet browsers. I think the problem is related to my account at this point. ideas? Do you have a different starting post of this drive to be able to ask directly for it too? Thanks

This post is where I first found the link to the Edge driver that @DJFliX created.

After logging in, you should see a button named Enroll.
You need to Enroll your Hub in order to access his channel.
Once that’s done, you will see the driver listed when you press the Available Drivers link.

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Thanks, yes I know the procedure for the edges, it was just a problem that from the link did not work. From here instead I was able to access and install the edge :+1: drive

Thank you for this drive for Ikea dimmer 2 buttons. I installed the drive but the remote control continues to install with DH and not with edge drive.

Do you have any advice to give me?
Thank you