Can't get button presses to register for Ikea E1812 switch

I just picked up a V3 Smartthings hub, and I’m trying to build up all of the connections. I bought an ikea switch/ plug kit that came with an E1812 toggle style switch. I was able to connect the two together, and the plug responds to the hub fine, but the hub doesn’t register button presses from the switch.

I am able to add the button by searching through the ikea devices in the app. When I add a routine to a button I get the error “This device hasn’t updated all of it’s status information yet. Check again later”, and I am unable to see the battery precentage. I swapped the battery, and the percentage showed up until I disconnected and reconnected the button to the hub.

I also tried to use the drivers from the beta. I am now using the zigbee button driver: 2023-05-0T19:26:12.045546967 SmartThings Drivers (Beta)

It seems that no matter what I do the button just shows that it is in standby mode. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Post a picture and model number of the IKEA button you have. It my help people point you in the right direction.

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Thanks, I uploaded the picture. As a new user I can only add one, so I wasn’t able to add the front pic as well.

No pictures was included

This button runs well with a the IKEA Shortcut Button driver on the Thisiswhytheinternetexists channel.
The problem is battery life.


This is the answer.

The driver from @DJFliX works great.

Apologies to the OP, I inadvertently mislead him on his Reddit post.

For some reason I thought we were discussing the on/off dimmer button and not the shortcut button.


No problem, that was my fault because I was calling it the I/O button (because it looks like a toggle switch), but it doesn’t have a dimming function. I’ll see if I can figure out how to switch to the other driver. Does this driver also have the battery issue? From what I’ve read, it sounds like some people don’t have the issue, but maybe I’ve heard wrong.

Is that always a problem? Or does it depend on the switch type. It seems like some people don’t have the problem, but maybe some people are using different drivers. Do you have any recommendations for switches that don’t have that problem? And thank you for the help!

I too have seen conflicting reports on IKEA buttons but I see no conclusion whether it is model, or maybe firmware. The button on your OP functions well but the battery has a short life in my case.
On the other hand I have several 2 way toggle /press/hold IKEA buttons which, on a different driver (not compatible between them) have no battery problems and run really well in routines for me, although I can’t use the dimming function.

I’m one of the folks that seem to have great battery life.

The only thing i can think of is that I have good repeaters between the button locations and the hub.

I removed all my IKEA buttons as I had got through a ridiculous number of batteries. Several months ago, I can’t remember when but let’s say September, I put batteries in a couple to see how they would get on. One lasted about a day (twice) but the other has been running ever since.