IKEA Tradfri Button

Hi - what is the deal with IKEA Tradfri accessories these days ? Can they work with ST ?

I want to add a Tradfri On/Off switch

If you have SmartThings Hub you can add this Ikea On/Off switch using SmartThings standard (stock) driver zigbee-button

  • id: “IKEA of Sweden/TRADFRI on”
    deviceLabel: IKEA Remote Control
    manufacturer: IKEA of Sweden
    model: TRADFRI on/off switch
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I do have the hub - where do I need to configure this ?

SmartThings Hub is automatically loading driver when you add device to SmartThings.

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Myself and a number of other users have experienced massive battery draining issues with some Ikea buttons. Around 50% of mine are worthless lasting a few days. The ones that work last months


Depends which button maybe? The 2 way, 4 option runs great for me with the stock Zigbee button driver and no problem with batteries.

The shortcut press or hold button no way.

mine was relegated to the bin

It seems to be the firmware on the device. The older versions of the firmware seem fine, but more recent version don’t work. Every few months I update the firmware hoping it will fix the issue. So far no luck

Meaning you must have a Tradfri or Dirigera hub, as so far the ST hub doesn’t update even although, on the web UI it says it does?

I have used On/Off switch from 2 Jan 2022. I have changed battery once.

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ok so managed to pair Tradfri on/off button and also 2 Aquara buttons… let’s see

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