Tradfri Shortcut Button Updates/DTH? (2021)

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if a workable solution has been developed to make the Ikea Tradfri shortcut button work reliably on ST without the Tradfri hub. Preferably with press + hold, but press is fine too. This button:

A lot of the posts seem at least a year old. I hear a lot of work was done on DTHs and issues with battery life that folks couldn’t seem to solve. I also read and tried what was posted here. Just wondering if there are any updates. I’ve got several of these collecting dust.

If not, any suggestions for the cheapest reliable shortcut button (press+hold)? It’s a shame… tradfri prices are so nice…

I’ve got it working with a modified Ikea Button handler but I’ve never quite managed to get the presentation quite right. Or rather I’ve never managed to convince the app to actually use the presentation I created for it. It looks like it should be in use but it isn’t. That said, the details view looks fine (just not what I intended) and it just the dashboard saying ‘Checking …’ that is a little annoying. The bigger problem is battery drain. How badly you get affected by this, if at all, varies. I personally believe the issue is triggered by routing changes and that happens rather a lot for me.

I find the IKEA buttons too easy to hit accidentally, and if they are knocked off the mount they usually register a press when they land. So for anything where accidental on or off is bad I use the Sonoff SNZB-01, which has a solid press action and a much longer hold. It also has a double press. In the UK you can get one for about £7.50 delivered from an official UK stockist, which isn’t too bad compared to the £6 Tradfri.

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Thanks! I’ll take a look!