New Ikea tradfri Shortcut Button?

You only need 1 DTH or Edge Driver for each group of devices that are the same.

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Just noticed something odd in IDE, the difference between the first button (that works) and the second button (that does NOT work) - maybe this info is useful somehow:

Note: I removed the non-functioning button. Uninstalled the Driver, unenrolled my Hub, and added the button again using @iquix’s DTH.


Is this “Unknown Route” a common issue to fix?

I am sure many users will have encountered It. I used to see it most often with Aqara devices getting their knickers in a twist. With IKEA devices I’ve only really seen it as a symptom of the battery drain problem that only shows if the route is updated before the battery gives out.

I usually just re-pair the device if I can’t put it down to low battery weirdness.


Button’s battery died again, but this time I don’t know when; I’m on a new early-morning schedule at work and had no reason to use the button for its designated purpose (switching on my espresso machine when I woke up after a graveyard shift) since early December.

I swapped the battery, but ST refused to pair with it no matter what I tried. I decided to stop wasting my time to save ten bucks and went and bought another one. Paired the new one to the Trådfri hub and updated to the .080 firmware, all good. Unplugged the Trådfri and now I can’t get the new one to pair with ST… no matter what I try! Wtf

The Ikea buttons aren’t worth the mental expense to try and figure them out. I returned all mine and haven’t missed them at all.


very helpful, thanks

I was able to make Ikea tradfri Shortcut Button work with my ST hub/wifi … with all the statuses pressed/held/standby thanks to iquix code (posted in Feb 2021) … but the minute I add a new button and it starts working the previous button stops working… any idea why? or what to do to fix this problem?

Never mind found out that the first button did not work cause the battery was empty. Please be aware of the battery that is provided with the button does not last for long. If the problem persists and the buttons stoped working again after changing the battery I will report it here.

If you don’t have two dead batteries within the next day or so you’ll be doing well.

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It might be the original battery, but it might also be a known issue that affects some users (but not all) where any batteries put into the IKEA button die within a few days. It’s very frustrating and appears to be related to issues when the button reconnects to the network, which normally happens every hour or two.

If the problem happens to you, it is likely to persist. There’s not much you can do except try different repeaters and it seems like most people end up replacing the buttons instead.

See the following topic. It mentions a different model device in the topic name, but the same applies to the shortcut buttons

This is not a smartthings issue: you can find complaints about it in the forums for a number of different brands of hubs as well as Home Assistant. It’s an IKEA issue. but it doesn’t happen with their own gateway, so although they say they’re looking into it, not much seems to have been done. :disappointed_relieved:

I’m new to the SmartThings world, drawn in by the new Edge drivers.

I’ve used Ikea Tradfri Shortcut buttons with Home Assistant (zigbee2mqtt) and also with Hubitat.

I’ve enrolled and added the @DJFliX driver.
With a brand new battery the device is reporting 0% battery and the button press event doesn’t trigger.

Is this a known issue?

Hi! I´m a newbie. Still, I have read up many days, including youtube vids, on how to get my Ikea tradfri shortcut button to function, no luck so far. Haven´t tried an Edge driver, don’t know how to do it, but the native device handler and the one by @iquix I do have tried out on my Aeotec ST v3 hub. I have no problem pairing the button via the ST app on my iPhone, it turns up as a Thing very fast. Looks ok in the app, and on both device handlers I get standby status and that the button has been pushed and holded down, in action history though no records at all. And no reaction to me pushing the button.

I also tried to create a device handler using this link by @yotiko but then I get this error message:

Org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed: script_dth_metadata_0fbdc294_3743_4c9c_9ba2_6bf27dc6b19c: 267: unexpected char: 0xA9 @ line 267, column 1. © 2022 GitHub, Inc. ^ 1 error

I have managed to create device handlers from code to for example the Agara door and windows switch, but this time I couldn’t even manage to create the handler to then be able to publish it to myself and try it out on the “Thing”.

I really don’t know what to do now. Throw the Ikea button in the trash and get another brand button? In that case, which one will work with my Aeotec V3 hub? Also having the same kind of trouble with IKEA Styrbar button with five buttons, the fancy version with a metal face plate. The Aeotech hub and Ikea are pretty recently acquired, within say about 2 months. By the way, this is my very first reply in this community, hopefully I got it right.

Hey @Keni don’t throw it away, it works for me.
But i have te same problem like you i can’t create new DTH from code for my aeotec aërQ humidity sensor.
I get the same error code.
Maybe you can get it to work with a standard zigbee push button DTH?

this is an old and long thread. I found the page after buying the IKEA shortcut button and was unable to add it to ST. So I read the thread and its filled with people doing the same things over and over and not getting any luck. After reading it I about gave up. Until I found a fix…

Google searched for the IKEA shortcut device and found a DH for it. Added it to device handlers. Then added the button in ST. Easy done. Wish I never read this thread because it was discouraging and I was ready to return the 2 buttons I bought.

Also, I had called IKEA to probe for why it would add the round remote but not the shortcut one as they are both listed in ST. They told me you need the IKEA hub to add it. Word to the wise, you do NOT need the hub. Repeat, NO HUB needed. Just add the DH and the device, done. So happy this is working now.

Here’s the DH I used with great success:
GitHub - andusch/ikea-shortcut-button-smartthings: A device handler for Ikea Shortcut Button to work with the Smartthings Hub.

Hi Cjohnson421,
Please let us know how you get on with the Tradfri Shortcut Button.
I have two of them but I use the ‘Zigbee Button’ device driver and I find that the battery life is terrible; a bit over 2 weeks from a quality battery.
Maybe the device driver you suggest will give better battery life.
I use the ‘Zigbee Button’ device driver (and ‘Zigbee button’ device name) because it gives me ‘local’ control (for 2 weeks at a time, anyway).
Cheers, Aidan

Jaidank, just what I said… use the pre-created IKEA device handler and add it in the ST API thru a browser. Then when it’s shows up as “thing” change to the IKEA Tradfri Shortcut button in the drop down. Not zigbee. And done!

Thanks, my question was more about battery life when using the pre-created IKEA device handler.
I guess you have not had it in place long enough to give a definitive answer.

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Yeah I’m just about to give up on integrating/maintaining integration of IKEA Home Smart products (other than bare Trådfri bulbs) into my ST ecosystem. Apart from the battery issue which has rendered my collection of shortcut buttons useless, I can’t get the Fyrtur remote to pair if the blinds are paired to ST, and now my 30W Trådfri driver is wonky, turning on my kitchen counter lights at random times during the night.

I’ve gone through every idea for the buttons. Sometimes the batteries last a couple of months, sometimes a couple of days.

I haven’t devoted too much time to the remote for the blinds yet, because I can use Alexa to control them and routines in both ST and Alexa work so far, but I’d really just like a hardware up/down switch. ST finds the remote just fine, but I can’t get it to work the blinds.

The Trådfri driver is bonkers. It worked fine for over a year, but now over the last couple of months this issue comes and goes with no pattern. It’s like there’s a ghost. I thought maybe it had to do with a battery issue in the remote, so I disabled the remote and it still turns itself on whenever it wants, usually in the middle of the night.

So do I go ahead and set aside a day to remove all these devices from ST and set them up with the IKEA gateway and then build routines in Alexa that will hopefully replicate most of the full integration I had before? Or do I keep spending time trying to figure it all out? It seems that nothing will make a shortcut buttons useful, because if they are paired to the IKEA gateway they won’t be able to control devices to which I had assigned them originally.

The 30w Tradfri driver thing is worrying.
It’s one thing having smart devices, but when they decide to do their own thing …
Oddly, I had a counter light that had similar tendencies (at 9pm local every night) but it was an Energenie MiHome device, that I replaced with a 30w Tradfri driver.
What device driver are you using with the 30w Tradfri driver? I am using ZLL dimmer bulb.
Could the spurious action be coming from Alexa? (I know, if you delete the device in Alexa, how do you control the device?).
I had some success pairing Ikea 1000 lumen bulbs with both SmartThings and the early small circular dimmers. I even had some Ikea warm white GU10s paired the same way, but I struggle to do it anymore.
I tried the same trick with my Ikea shortcut buttons, but pairing them with a 30w Tradfri driver disconnected it from SmartThings.

The ikea shortcut button is working great for me using this Edge driver.