New app — which CUSTOM DTH’s will work?

I was encouraged by other forum community members to start a topic to discuss which custom device handlers a.k.a. DTH’s will be supported in the new app. (If any )

For those of you that are using the new app, can you confirm any custom device handlers that are working?

Below are the ones that I use and am seeking info on… Thanks in advance…


Also, if custom DTH’s are not going to work, Will those devices show up in the new app? Or do I have to exclude them and then add them again using their default device handler?


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All the devices you have installed will show in the Samsung Connect app. For those with device handlers that don’t work, the device will either show as Disconnected or when you click on it, it will display Can’t connect to Device.


Every device except for mobile presence will show up in the new app. Whether it will automatically work or not is the big question. Some of mine such as Xiaomi contact and motion worked automatically. Others I’ve recently gotten working myself. I suspect at or before Samsung Developers Conference in November they will publish documentation of how to get custom handlers working. In the mean time, if you want to do some tinkering, go to their public GitHub and search for mnmn and vid entries in the metadata definition. Add the same to your custom handlers and edit and save the device to test.


I found that mnmn is not required, but vid is, along with health check. Most vid are intuitively named but some are not. The most awkward one is the thermostat. Here is a list of known vid:

· SmartThings-smartthings-Z-Wave_Thermostat
· generic-arrival
· generic-button
· generic-carbon-monoxide
· generic-contact (contact, battery)
· generic-dimmer
· generic-dimmer-power
· generic-dimmer-power-energy
· generic-doorbell
· generic-humidity
· generic-leak
· generic-lock
· generic-motion (motion, temp, battery)
· generic-motion-3 (Motion, Acceleration, Battery)
· generic-motion-4 (motion, Temp, Illuminance, battery)
· generic-motion-5 (motion, temp, illuminance, tamper, battery)
· generic-motion-6 (motion, temp, humidity, illuminance, battery)
· generic-motion-7 (motion, temp, humidity, illuminance, tamper, battery)
· generic-rgb-color-bulb (edited)
· generic-rgbw-color-bulb
· generic-shade
· generic-siren
· generic-siren
· generic-smoke
· generic-smoke-co
· generic-switch
· generic-switch-power
· generic-switch-power-energy
· generic-valve


Hi and really thanks for the hint. I ported 2 self-written DTH but seems I have to remove them and then put them back to have the DTH working.

Same on your side?

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Yes, it takes a little dance to make some come up. Have two Nests, (thanks again @tonesto7). One showed up instantly, the other one was a pain, and don’t know what actually triggered it to show up, but I am glad it did…

Quick preview…


Thanks. It seems also that for now, only standard attributes are displayed/displayable and I did not find a way to display temperature first rather than humidity when a device of “generic-humidity” is used. I did not find a “generic-temperature” so I am wondering how to have the temperature first.



You don’t have to remove the device to get the new UI to “stick”. Just edit and save. Sometimes change the device type, save, change back and save. Sometimes force close the app and re-launch.


Sometimes after you’ve done all that, just go for a run and come back to it later…

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Found how to force the refresh. On Android, go to the setting/app and delete data/cache. The force stop and restart the app.


I tried to add vid: “generic-switch” to Inovelli (@Eric_Inovelli) DTH for dimmer w/scenes and it works. It showed in new app. It’s time to add thise values to all custom DTHs.
Also all my Monoprice devices showed, thanks to @RBoy’s updates.


With the stipulation that this can break at any time without notice since it isn’t officially documented/published yet.

Any VID (vendor id) suggestions for the Iris/Centralite Keypad DTH?

definition (name: “Centralite Keypad”, namespace: “mitchpond”, author: “Mitch Pond”) {

  capability "Battery"
  capability "Configuration"
    capability "Motion Sensor"
  capability "Sensor"
  capability "Temperature Measurement"
  capability "Refresh"
  capability "Lock Codes"
  capability "Tamper Alert"
  capability "Tone"
  capability "button"
    capability "polling"
    capability "Contact Sensor"
  attribute "armMode", "String"
    attribute "lastUpdate", "String"
  command "setDisarmed"
  command "setArmedAway"
  command "setArmedStay"
  command "setArmedNight"
  command "setExitDelay", ['number']
  command "setEntryDelay", ['number']
  command "testCmd"
  command "sendInvalidKeycodeResponse"
  command "acknowledgeArmRequest"
  fingerprint endpointId: "01", profileId: "0104", deviceId: "0401", inClusters: "0000,0001,0003,0020,0402,0500,0B05", outClusters: "0019,0501", manufacturer: "CentraLite", model: "3400", deviceJoinName: "Xfinity 3400-X Keypad"
  fingerprint endpointId: "01", profileId: "0104", deviceId: "0401", inClusters: "0000,0001,0003,0020,0402,0500,0501,0B05,FC04", outClusters: "0019,0501", manufacturer: "CentraLite", model: "3405-L", deviceJoinName: "Iris 3405-L Keypad"


I actually have one too, but didn’t get a chance to play with it yet. That and an Aeon Labs HEM are the two that don’t work currently, out of 100+ devices. If anyone figures these out, please share.

You could probably use switch-power-engergu for the HEM. The switch wouldn’t do anything, but at least you would have the power readings.

Is the button capability the main one with the iris keypad? If so try generic-button. It won’t bring all the capabilities, it would at least bring the main one.

Switch likely the best of many poor choices for this device.

It doesn’t have capability switch

Sigh, you are correct on that. Perhaps “generic-motion”, since that will also give the device’s temp and battery.

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